KPU General Awards

Frequency: Annual Awards 
Opens: January 15; Closes: March 31 (Spring Term)
Decision/Release of Awards: October (Fall Term) 


The annual KPU General Awards, which includes the General and Melville School of Business awards, is the Institution’s largest award program with close to 500 awards funded through the generosity of KPU’s Donor Partners. It seeks to recognize students’ achievements and provide additional funding support for their education. 

It is open to ALL students who are enrolled full-time in Spring term classes at KPU, AND, who plan to attend in the FALL term. However, please note that International Students will only be considered for awards with criteria that DO NOT specify financial need.

Subject to meeting the specified criteria for each award category, students selected for a scholarship, bursary or award will be notified by email prior to its release in October. (Students are expected to pay for their tuition by the published tuition payment deadline to avoid penalties).

KPU’s online awards guide contains important information such as complete descriptions of the awards that are available, terms of reference, award eligibility and student responsibilities. Click here to view the Awards Guide.

We encourage you to start your application early and revisit your application throughout the duration of the application period – to update information if necessary, or edit/enhance your Personal Statement. 


The good news is, you only need to submit ONE online application. However, you need to ensure that you submit all supporting documentation by the application deadline date.

  1. To start, go to your Online Self-Service (OSS) log-in page, or, click on APPLY HERE:

  2. Click on “Student Menu”

    Student Menu
  3. Click on “Student Awards and Financial Assistance” 

    Student Awards and Financial Assistance
  4. Click on “Web Application”

    award application
  5. On the Web Application page, look for the APPLICATION TYPE: Spring Term 202X>General Awards Fall. Click on “Apply” and start your application.

    Web Application
  6. Fill out the form (online) making sure to complete all mandatory questions. If you get an *ERROR* review your form to check what mandatory question/s you may have missed.

    Mandatory questions
  7. IMPORTANT: When you get to the last page, click “Yes” to the Terms and Conditions on the Personal Declaration page to ensure successful submission of your application.

  8. You will receive confirmation that you have completed your application

  9. If submitted successfully, STATUS will change to Received. You may return and make changes to your application as long as the application period is open. Just ensure you click “Yes” to the Terms and Conditions on the Personal Declaration page to ensure your changes are saved and received.


SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION – Minimum one reference letter from a KPU Instructor.

Students are strongly encouraged to submit documentation in support of their application. Documentation may include faculty references, volunteerism/community involvement references or other material the applicant feels is relevant to their application. In addition, the Awards Guide highlights specific requirement awards (ie., essays, proof of membership, etc.) The documentation MUST be clearly marked which Award it is intended for.

Supporting documentation MUST be emailed from your KPU email account to and must include the following information: (Your) Last Name_First Name_GEN. Documentation must be recent (preference within the last 12 months). Applications without supporting documentation will not be considered.

*REMINDER* Review the Scholarship, Bursary and Awards Guide which contains important requirements.

If you require any assistance or have questions during the application process, please contact Student Awards and Financial Assistance by email at or call 604 599 2700.