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What are the admission requirements?

You need to have graduated from high school with a minimum grade of C+ in English 12 (or equivalent). There are also other ways you can meet the admission requirements, see Admission Requirements for more details. The application fee is $40. Please apply online.

How much will it cost?

The estimated total for tuition and all fees is under $6,000. For up-to-date and detailed information please see Tuition & Student Fees.

How many students will be in my class?

There is a maximum of 35 students in a class. Everyone in the program takes all of the required courses at the same time, which means that you will get to know your fellow students and instructors really well. Come and join the community!

Can I work while completing the program?

We appreciate that many students wish to continue working while taking the program, however it is an intense program and working is not recommended. You will be taking 5 courses in the Fall semester and 6 courses in the Spring semester, which is considered a heavy workload. This is a professional program that is designed to prepare you for a career as an administrative assistant in a legal environment, therefore it would be best if you viewed it as a full time professional program and approached it like a full time job.

Are classes all day every day?

Timetables are subject to change, but generally you should expect to have between 3-6 hours of class time per day with one teaching free day per week. Classes run Monday – Friday (no classes on weekends) between 8.30am – 7pm.

Am I guaranteed a practicum placement?

No you are not guaranteed a practicum placement but you are given lots of support to help ensure that you obtain a practicum. We have a course (LGLA 1399 - Work Experience/Project) that prepares students to apply for practicum placements.

Since many firms use the practicum placement as a free trial period to assess whether the student would fit in at the organization before offering full time employment, we think it is more beneficial for students to determine where they would like to do their practicum. For some students, the commute downtown would be too much. You may find that you develop a real passion for a particular area of law, and it makes more sense for you to identify what kind of firm they would like to work for.

We also have extensive contacts in the legal industry which we utilize to help secure practicum placements for interested students, but we do not “place” students for the reasons outlined above.

When can I apply?

Applications open November 1 each year for the Fall intake. The deadline for applications is March 1. Please see: for more details.

When will I hear if my application is successful?

Offers are typically sent in April. You can check your application status at any time on your Online Self-Service account. For more information, please visit:

Can I take the program part time?

The program is designed to be a full time program, and priority goes to full time students when registering for courses, so it may not be possible. Please contact the department chair if this is something you are keen to pursue.

Are the courses that I take transferable to a degree program?

LGLA courses can be used as electives in KPU’s BBA programs, but for other programs it will depend: you will have to check with the degree program you are interested in.

I’ve already taken one or more similar courses at another institution. Can I get credit for it/them?

Transfer credit may be requested during your online application. Official post-secondary transcripts must be submitted in order to proceed with the evaluation. Course outlines may also be requested by Office of the Registrar. For more information, please visit:

Do you offer the program online?

No, currently the program is not offered online. The LAA program is a hands on practical program where students benefit from face-to-face interaction with their instructors and peers, both of which cannot be achieved through an online program.