KPU Alerts

KPU Alerts is the Mass Notification System used to communicate important safety and security incidents, warning and updates to the KPU community.

KPU Alerts include many different communication channels to increase the likelihood that you will receive the latest information about what is happening as soon as possible. This way, you can make informed decisions that prioritize your personal safety.

KPU Alert Channels

  • Wall mounted beacons
  • Desktop notification
  • Digital signage
  • Staff and student email
  • Outdoor high-power speakers
  • KPU Safe App – Push notifications
  • SMS/Text messaging

During an incident, the Mass Notification Systems may or may not be used, in whole or in part, depending on the situation. KPU cannot guarantee that everyone will receive the alert and therefore are encouraged to check all possible sources of information during an emergency.

KPU Alerts will be used in active and urgent situations that require immediate attention because they have the potential to:

  • Result in serious harm to people
  • Cause substantial damage to property and/or
  • Disrupt the usual activities of the university

Personal Devices

All students, faculty and staff are encouraged to sign up to receive personal notifications on their mobile device. Click below to download the KPU Safe App and/or sign up to receive text messages