Kwantlen Voices Lecture Series


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Department of Sociology 

In 2013, due to the request of the Office of Research and Scholarship, we changed the title of the "Research & Scholarship @ Kwantlen Lecture Series" to "Kwantlen Voices Lecture Series". This lecture series aims at providing a platform to showcase Kwantlen's faculty who are involved in various types of research and scholarship. Our objective is to provide a space where faculty, students, and staff have access to a range of multicentric and multidisciplinary theoretical, technical, practical, social, political, cultural issues and research.

We hope that this lecture series will bring together researchers from diverse backgrounds in broadening the traditional approaches to knowledge production and curriculum construction and development through dialogue, cooperation, and collegiality amongst Kwantlen's faculty and researchers. Our aim is to create a multicentric space where the diversity of experiences, histories, cultures, sexualities, abilities, languages, and religions that students, staff and faculty bring to this institution of higher learning is accounted for and acknowledged.

We invite you and your students to join us at these events. Our goal is to inspire students to become researchers, and we believe we can achieve this by highlighting the types of research that is being done at Kwantlen.

We also invite faculty members, staff, and students who would like to participate in this lecture series to send their proposals, stating the title of their research findings, a short abstract and a short bio to Dr. Amir Mirfakhraie at:

You can also submit your proposal at:

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