Frequently Asked Questions

Students brainstorming and sketching on paper with Sharpies.

How do I apply to the Bachelor of Interior Design program?

Please visit our Admissions Info page for the latest admissions information. Applications for September 2024 program start open on October 1, 2023 and close March 1, 2024.  

Do you offer transfer credit or advanced standing?

If you are interested in transferring credits from another instiution and/or are requesting advanced standing to the program, please first apply to the program and meet the admission requirements. When you apply, please indicate on your application that you would like to receive transfer credit; you will receive a prompt. Additionally, please include a copy of any transfer credits awarded by KPU in your portfolio submission. 

Receiving transfer credit acknowledges your previous study, and that your course work is similar in content and outcomes to course work in our bachelor program. Please note that recommendation for advanced placement to the program is dependent on the outcome of the portfolio review and interview process.  

What is CIDA accreditation?

We are proud that our Bachelor of Interior Design program has been accredited since 2000 and is one of a handful of undergraduate programs in Canada to be accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA). This means that our curriculum meets the highest industry standards, is aligned with industry needs, and fast-tracks students to become registered interior designers.

How long will it take me to complete this program?

Students complete their interior design course work in four years or eight semesters (fall/spring semester). Some students may take longer to complete the degree if they take electives outside of the allotted semester schedule.

I live outside of BC. How do I participate in the interview and portfolio review?

All portfolios are now submitted utilizing an online portal so you can simply upload all of your documentation and portfolio pieces. While most interviews are done in person, we have the ability to interview those outside of the province via MS Teams or Zoom.     

What should my portfolio contain?

Visit our Portfolio Requirement page to learn what we look for in a portfolio. We also encourage all applicants to attend our information sessions where we give you tips and show you examples of current student work.

Why should I attend an information session?

Our information sessions are the best way to learn more about our program format, what makes a great portfolio, and to meet faculty. To find out when the next information session will be held, click here.

How much will it cost me to complete this degree?

Please visit our Tuition & Fees page for detailed information. In addition to KPU's tuition and fees, please factor in the cost of a laptop and requisite software for the duration of your degree. You should also keep in mind that you will be required to complete a Design Field School as part of your degree (usually completed in year 3). 

Do I need to purchase a laptop computer?

Yes. All course material, schedules, readings, etc. are accessed via an online course system called 'Moodle'. You will want to purchase a laptop computer and the requisite software in order to complete course deliverables. To find out minimum specifications and recommended software, please visit our Tuition & Fees page.

Do you offer courses on a part-time basis?

No. Our program is only offered full time and during the hours of a standard working day. NCIDQ research shows that at least six years of combined education and full-time work experience are required to successfully prepare you for the NCIDQ exam and a professional interior design career. Our CIDA-accredited degree is the shortest route to becoming a professional interior designer.

What makes KPU’s Bachelor of Interior Design program different from programs at other institutions?

Our program has been accredited since 2000 by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA). This means that we go through a rigorous program review process by outside reviewers to ensure that our program meets the highest standards.

We also offer a uniquely integrated curriculum that is focused on the design studio and the design process. To learn more about our program model, click here.

What careers will I be eligible for after graduation?

Please visit our Career Options section to learn about the many exciting careers that will be open to you after graduation.

Do you offer job placements or internships?

Students must log 80 hours of practical experience in an interior design or architectural firm under the supervision of a registered interior designer. This practical experience can occur anytime during the program but must be completed before Business & Professional Practice 2 in the spring semester of year 4 of the Interior Design program. Often graduates are offered positions within their host firm after graduation.

Can my company ask about student design work, such as for a contest or "free" project?

We thank you for your interest in our students' creative talents. Unfortunately, we do not accept free design contests, spec work, or requests for unpaid design work, unless it is for a registered not-for-profit. Our students assist in the design of several local events and have targeted projects each fall for non-profits. As much as we'd like to and we do see the benefits to our students taking on design work, there are two primary reasons our department has a moratorium on special projects of this kind:

1)  We are members of IDC (Interior Designers of Canada) and IDIBC (Interior Designers Institute of BC), and it would be problematic for us to be seen as taking work away from registered interior designers.
2)  There are insurance/liability issues with students engaging in "real" projects. Students are not registered professionals and are therefore unable to acquire liability coverage.

If you are looking for design assistance, we would encourage you to access IDIBC for a registered Interior Designer in your area. We do thank you for your interest in our program and in our students and their abilities.