Our Industry

Interior design industry professionals.

In keeping with our polytechnic mandate, the Wilson School of Design's Interior Design program is focused on providing enriched learning opportunities and relevant industry experiences, offered in a supportive and challenging learning environment. This ensures our graduates are positioned for success in their careers. Establishing itself as leader in interior design education, the program is constantly evolving in alignment with industry through a rigorous academic course of study. 

Industry Collaboration:

The Vancouver area is brimming with numerous small, medium and large design firms. We are grateful to have strong ties with most of these companies, and are proud to say that many of our graduates work in leading positions. Locally, we are so thankful to have access to industry who give our students access on Field Trips and Site Visits, come to our campus and provide Workshops and Guest Speaking Presentations, provide Work Practicum and Mentorship opportunities and so much more. Many of our faculty have worked in industry and maintain strong connections to the local and national design community. These connections give our graduating students incredible resources and skills to secure meaningful employment in the field.

Program Advisory Committee

Our Advisory Committee plays an essential role in maintaining the relevance of our degree program. Design industry leaders provide the perspective needed to ensure our graduates are well prepared to contribute to this creative, technical and innovative industry.  In conjunction with faculty, administration, and students, the role of the Advisory Committee is to help enrich the Interior Design program. With an ongoing voice given to our local industry leaders through our Advisory Committee, our program is able to respond quickly to changes in the marketplace and continually adapt our programming to reflect current industry needs and standards. This philosophy also applies to the technology and resources we train our students to use. We have an outstanding reputation for providing state-of-the-art industry equipment, so that when students from our program graduate, they are skilled in using the most current technology, making them work-ready. This work-readiness brings our grads to the front of the line when applying for industry positions.


"Kwantlen Interior Design grads have the discipline and refined thought process that make them terrific team members in our studio."

Jay Brooks, Principal
BOX Interior Design, Vancouver, BC

"Kwantlen grads continually demonstrate how very well KPU prepares them to practice interior design. Every year we have a student join the SSDG team for their internship, and we are always so impressed by the enthusiasm and professionalism that they bring to the table. It is fairly common for us to hire these students upon graduation. It’s been a win / win!"

Susan Steeves, BID, RID, MBA LEED®
Retired Principal, SSDG, Vancouver, BC

"We have been hiring Kwantlen graduates for the last eight years and have been consistently impressed with the quality of their education, their attitude and the speed with which they grow in our firm. It's reassuring to know that year after year, Kwantlen produces designers that are well prepared for practice."

Principal, KASIAN Architecture Interior Design & Planning Ltd.