Entrance Package Requirements

The Wilson School of Design at KPU uses an online submission portal, SlideRoom, to collect, evaluate, and store entrance packages. Once you have completed your online application to KPU, you may upload your entrance package on SlideRoom

Please ensure you have completed your online application and reviewed the requirements for your package submission before uploading to SlideRoom. Please be aware there is a supplemental fee and data privacy consent required when creating a SlideRoom profile.

Tech Apparel Garment

The Technical Apparel Program is a limited intake program with 22 seats available each Fall intake.

First off, have you applied to KPU?

Before you submit any of your work to us, you must first apply to KPU. Detailed steps are outlined here

Where do you submit your entrance package?

Once you have completed your application, you will receive instructions on how to submit your entrance package through an online submission platform. Eligible applicants who have met the application and documentation submission requirements will be contacted for an interview.

Entrance package Guidelines

What should you include in your entrance package?

Each applicant will submit the following package for review:

In your resume, please outline any type of work experience or volunteer work you have done. Distinguish between paid work versus volunteer work, and in each case provide dates and responsibilities/duties, and names of organizations. Please provide this in PDF format.

Two letters of recommendation; aim for one academic and one personal or professional. A reference might be a teacher, coach, employer, supervisor, mentor or other who can speak to your strengths, skills and suitability to the program. Follow the instructions on Slideroom for sharing a form with your references. Remember to give your references enough time to complete this form as your portfolio won’t move forward for assessment until references are complete.

A self-assessment summarizing the following:

  • Who are you? What is your story?
  • Why is this particular program for you?
  • How would your prior experience contribute to the program and to your fellow classmates?
  • What is your existing knowledge of technical apparel?
  • What do you hope to gain from being in this program? Include your short and long-term goals.

The self-assessment can also be submitted using one of the following formats:

  • A written narrative as a PDF file (800-1000 words) or
  • A video submission (3-5 minutes via YouTube) or
  • A PowerPoint or Prezi submission

What's next?

We will contact you via email or phone to let you know you are being invited to attend an interview with the Technical Apparel Design faculty.

If you are invited to an Interview

If you receive an email or phone call inviting you to attend an interview, you will be requested to arrange a date and time for an interview. Out-of-town applicants will need to request an online interview date and time. For an early interview, please submit your Entrance Package as soon as possible.

Please Note: An interview is not a guarantee of a seat in the program.