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Program Model

Technical Apparel Program

You will emerge from our advanced baccalaureate program ready to join the next generation of design innovators. Our curriculum doesn’t just develop your design skills. It also positions you as a strategic thinker who can work in a wide range of apparel and product design industries. 

Our Technical Apparel Design Post-baccalaureate Diploma admits a select number of talented students every year, then develops their skills through our rigorous, hands-on curriculum based on human factors, ergonomics, strategic design development, and industry practices. The program consists of 30 credits organized across three semesters and can be completed in 16 months with a summer break.

Students who have success tend to be independent learners, driven to explore in a creative learning environment. Many of our students are currently employed in design, engineering, business, or kinesiology, which is why our program has a flexible model ensuring that applicants who are currently employed can attend without putting their careers on hold.

In your first two semesters, you will engage in project-based coursework and meet technical apparel industry professionals through guest lectures and industry site visits. In your final semester, you will work on a capstone project and launch it at an exhibition that’s attended by industry insiders.


Semester One (September to December) - Identification & Inspiration

DETA 5110    Technical Apparel in Context (3 credits)
DETA 5120    Technical Textile Technologies (3 credits)
DETA 5130    Creative Innovation (3 credits)
DETA 5140    Advances in Apparel Production (3 credits)

Semester Two (January to April) - Conceptualization & Exploration

DETA 5200    Global Business Strategies for Technical Apparel (3 credits)
DETA 5210    User Experience (3 credits)
DETA 5230    Strategic Design Direction (3 credits)

Semester Three (September to December) - Synthesis & Dissemination

DETA 5300    Capstone Project (9 credits)

Course descriptions are available at: Tech Apparel Calendar

Program Details

Program length: 16 months
Number of semesters: 3
Program start date: September
Program location: KPU Richmond Campus
Number of students admitted per year: 22

Travel opportunities: Students in this program may have opportunities, but will not be required, to travel to interact with partners at universities or technical apparel companies in other provinces and the United States. Travel expenses are not funded through tuition fees. Similar opportunities may be provided locally.

Please note, travel opportunities are being cancelled/suspended due to Covid-19.

Click here for more on the Application Process.