Our Students

Our students are creative innovators who are willing to take risks, technologists who can strategize, and leaders who can manage the continuing shifts in today’s economy. They are critical thinkers who challenge existing frameworks and elevate their industry. They are independent learners who are driven to explore in a creative learning environment that allows unexpected, surprising, and delightful ideas to emerge.

They often come from a wide range of disciplines that include fashion, textile design, product design, industrial design, interior design, engineering, business or kinesiology. Great designers, like our students, come from a range of places, life experiences and educational settings.

From developing new and improved products such as protective pants for rock climbing to an urban cycling jacket for increased safety and a haptic navigational harness for the visually impaired, our students, develop and apply strategies in user centered design and creative innovation. Real life, client-based projects elevate the learning experience for students. Projects have included research into cut protection, working with local firefighters to improve their protective wear, and collaborating with the University of Manitoba on a prototype for hypothermia victims.

Meet the Students

Bérénice Beau

Bérénice Beau

Female adequate Personal Protective Clothing (PPC) for Structural Firefighters

Bérénice is a French Fashion Designer with experience in womenswear, menswear, and boyswear. After obtaining a Bachelors in Fashion Design, she moved to Paris and perfected her knowledge of draping and pattern making.  Her experiences across the world: Brussels, Regina, London, Antwerp, San Pancho allowed her to familiarize herself with a wide variety of products, work environments, and company types. Extremely adaptable and positive with a good eye for detail, she loves challenges and close teamwork, and being surrounded by nature. She aspires to have a positive impact on the garment industry in terms of sustainability and smart consumerism, and to shift her career towards performance garments.

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Colleen MacCuish

Colleen MacCuish

Contour - Reimagining the dynamic fit of snowboarding bibs for females.

Colleen is a multidisciplinary designer who creates conceptual and technical footwear for the Canadian contemporary footwear and accessories brand, John Fluevog Shoes. Finding the balance between creativity and technical skills has propelled her design career thus far. When it comes to Colleen's work, she is always seeking out new challenges and opportunities to push beyond her existing knowledge, because she believes nothing truly innovative was conceptualized within her comfort zone. She hopes to continue innovating by questioning the world around her (and doing so in a great pair of shoes.)

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Emee Mathew

Emee Mathew

Circular Medical Products: Level 2 Isolation gowns

Emee was born in the mountains, raised in a desert, studied and worked on an island and now resides in Vancouver. A life of travelling allowed her to learn design practices from all over the world- ranging from Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in the Himalayas to design studios in Manhattan. After earning a BFA in Fashion Design and later an Associates in Menswear from the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, she worked in the capacity of a designer and raw material developer. Emee works as a technical developer and designer and hopes to incorporate her newly acquired user centric design practices and circular product practices into her workspace.

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 Gabriela Santos

Gabriela Santos

Lower body protection for Goalball Athletes

Gabriela is an apparel designer from Brazil who moved to the Pacific Northwest to explore her passion for the great outdoors. After completing her bachelor's in fashion design, she decided to take on a new challenge and immerse herself in the world of technical apparel. Her dedication and hard work paid off, and she completed her study abroad in this field. She is now looking forward to embarking on her career in the technical apparel industry, where she can combine her love for both fashion and adventure and make a positive difference in the world.

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Matthew Jay

Matthew Jay Ricalde

Trail running vest that prioritizes user safety and enables storage versatility.

Originally from Calgary, Alberta, Jay enjoys spending his time in the mountains: hiking, trail running, and biking. Jay learned the importance of building a life beyond a cubicle while working in the office setting and decided to leave his career in Civil Engineering. He began to pursue Technical Apparel Design to work in an industry that better aligned with his values and passions. As a creative, he has a love for photography and building things with his hands. He looks forward to bringing together his previous skills and knowledge with his current education to find innovative solutions to the problems we face in the outdoors.

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Monica Mahser Lomelin

Performance and protection apparel for male wheelchair ruby athletes

Monica is originally from Mexico where she learned how much design can impact people's lives. She is passionate about universal design methods and how they can leverage user experiences. After majoring in Industrial Design and working in the industry, she moved to Vancouver to transition into Technical Apparel Design where she aspires to utilize universal design principles to find solutions beyond the” traditional”.  When she is not designing, Monica enjoys traveling, learning from other cultures, and trying new cuisines.

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Saloni Bhansali

Technical apparel needs for runners who menstruate

Meet Saloni, a technical apparel design student who is passionate about sustainability and creating innovative designs that contribute to an eco-friendlier future. Saloni draws inspiration from the intersection of technology and fashion, always seeking out new ways to integrate sustainable materials and manufacturing practices into her work. With a focus on problem-solving and design thinking, Saloni is excited to contribute to the ongoing efforts to reform the fashion industry and create a more sustainable future. When not in the design studio, Saloni can be found exploring the great outdoors, immersing herself in nature and finding inspiration for her next creation. With a unique blend of creativity, technical skill, and a deep commitment to sustainability, Saloni is poised to make a meaningful impact on the fashion industry and beyond.

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Yulia (Ulla) Fomina

Functional innerwear and proportions: Petite framed women with large busts

Ulla is a well-versed designer developer and pattern maker. After making her mark on the industry in Russia over the past 10 years and obtaining her now third degrees in the apparel industry she brings attention to every detail. She combines her vast technical knowledge and deep understanding of how things are made to come up with design solutions to the most complex problems. Her favorite assortment of apparel to design for are intimates and outerwear - as she finds these challenges to be the most sophisticated and rewarding. Ulla is very interested in different body types and how designs can support different proportions. She hopes to continue to challenge her own skills and experience for her next venture.

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