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Our Students

Our students are creative innovators who are willing to take risks, technologists who can strategize, and leaders who can manage the continuing shifts in today’s economy. They are critical thinkers who challenge existing frameworks and elevate their industry.They are independent learners who are driven to explore in a creative learning environment that allows unexpected, surprising, and delightful ideas to emerge.

They often come from a wide range of disciplines that include fashion, textile design, product design, industrial design, interior design, engineering, business or kinesiology. Great designers, like our students, come from a range of places, life experiences and educational settings.

From developing new and improved products such as protective pants for rock climbing to an urban cycling jacket for increased safety and a haptic navigational harness for the visually impaired, our students, develop and apply strategies in user centered design and creative innovation. Real life, client-based projects elevate the learning experience for students. Projects have included research into cut protection, working with local firefighters to improve their protective wear, and collaborating with the University of Manitoba on a prototype for hypothermia victims.

Meet the Class of 2019-20



Amandeep is a Fashion Designer and Stylist, she graduated from Lovely Professional University in India where she studied Fashion Design. Upon graduating she interned in the fashion industry in India and worked in Indian Couture Week. She is attracted to colours and loves to fuse different concepts. Sketching, sewing, and styling are her strengths.



Denia Cardenas Cuellar

Denia is originally from Mexico City, where she worked in graphic design focusing on editorial, website, and packaging. Her passion for design and yoga attracted her to Vancouver to pursue a career in technical apparel design. Denia is a hardworking and determined Designer. She is driven by challenges that inspire her to create solutions using innovative products and services.


Gaby Hebert

Gaby Hébert

Gaby’s passion for technical apparel is fueled by her love of the mountains, where she spends her free time rock climbing, ski touring and mountaineering. Having professional experience in graphic design and a Bachelor’s Degree of Commerce (Honours) in finance with a concentration in sustainability from the University of British Columbia, Gaby currently works in design and development at Mustang Survival on the recreation team. Informed by her diverse background, Gaby aims to design apparel that increases users’ comfort, safety, and performance when participating in outdoor activities.


Gazella Cheng

Gazella Cheng

Gazella has a Bachelor’s of Arts from the University of British Columbia in Visual Arts. After completing her undergrad, she began building her dancewear brand and has been working on it ever since. In the future, she plans to further expand it into a lifestyle collection. Gazella’s experience in luxury retail and in the apparel industry sparked her interest in technical apparel design; she is curious and interested in creating thoughtful garments.



Hanae Yaskawa

An avid marathon runner and basketball official from California, Hanae is drawn to user-centered design principles that drive functional technical apparel. Having studied Physics and Italian at Wellesley College, she enjoys mixing the laws of science with appreciation for beauty to explore challenging problems and seek clean solutions. She hopes to continue creating adaptive sportswear to cultivate and empower a more inclusive sports community.



Joel Maerz

Joel is an outdoor enthusiast and engineer with a passion for hiking, skiing and road-trips. Upon graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Schulich School of Engineering at the University of Calgary, he began exploring options to combine his hard skills in engineering and design with his interests in the outdoors. Shortly after starting the Technical Apparel Design program Joel found an opportunity to put his skills to the test where he is working on the development team at Stoko Design Inc. At Stoko, he pushes the bounds of traditional joint support by designing products that fit, feel, and function like the human body.



Monica Chandel

Monica Chandel completed a Masters of Science in Clothing and Textiles and a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design. In addition, she also has three years of teaching experience. She hopes to combine her new skills that she has learned from the Technical Apparel Design program with her knowledge of fashion and textiles to develop more thoughtful, functional, and sustainable products.



Sanskriti Singh

Sanskriti has a background in Textile Design with a Bachelor of Design from Pearl Academy which is affiliated by Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom. She plans to utilize her knowledge of textiles to further understand the functionality of products. Technical apparel design will leverage her current understanding of design and enable her to better serve her future client’s needs. Sanskriti is passionate about the functionality of garments and exploring innovative fabrics.



Savannah Sami-Bacon

Savannah was originally drawn to technical apparel design by her personal experience as a high performance athlete. She trained with Canada’s national rowing team as a University student and she understands the importance that clothing can have on an athlete’s performance. She has a passion for products that support athletes in pushing their physical limits and assist them on their journey to success. Informed by her background in the outdoor retail industry and a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of British Columbia, Savannah hopes to pair her professional experience with her love for athletics and create functional products that enhance outdoor pursuits.



Tiffany Mao Xu

Tiffany’s passion for design started as a young child when she designed and sewed outfits for her figurine collection. Her educational background is in Engineering and she has studied in China and Korea. She completed her Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Victoria. She is passionate about maintaining an active lifestyle and enjoys Zumba classes, running the seawall, and doing the Grouse grind. Her strong engineering background and interest in apparel design provide a unique perspective which she applies to the world of technical apparel.