Research & Innovation Areas

Research & Innovation Areas at KPU

Healthy Communities

Founded in one of Canada’s largest, most diverse health regions, KPU is innovating across digital health technologies, genomics, and health data science. KPU’s research informs program, policy and product prevention development for better and treatments.

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Social Inclusion

KPU established the region’s premier (‘KDocs’) film festival and KPU’s Social Justice Centre (evidence based advocacy for atrisk groups). KPU is renowned for its depth in South Asian studies and noted for its support for Indigenous justice.

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Sustainable Development

KPU’s is acknowledged for its contributions to regional food systems, environmental protection technology and public policy. KPU is generating innovative industry partnerships, exciting new products and higher quality practices such as in biological pest management.

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Technological Transformation

Researchers across our faculties, including Trades & Technology and Business are developing valuable, marketneeded solutions using skills from genome sequencing to advanced manufacturing and virtual reality.

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Design Solutions

KPU is a community of diverse artistic and technical talents. Deep connections with manufacturers, brands and government agencies is enhancing lives from food design in space travel to glove technology for arctic exploration.

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Work and Learning

KPU is advancing best-practices in micro-credentials, digital pedagogies and work-integrated learning. Open Education leadership e.g. zero-cost textbooks, is a true paradigm shift for teaching, learning and skills development.

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