Sustainable Development

Research Expertise

Research Focus Researcher/ Research Team
Agriculture, Agronomy, Pest Management, Horticulture Michael Bomford

Agriculture, Cranberry, Crop Production

Rebecca Harbut
Beauveria Bassiana, Biopesticide, Biocontrol, Lepidoptera, Wine Grapes, Brassica, Saline Soil, Microbial Soil Amendments, Effective Microorganisms, Botrytis, Trichoderma, Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens, Plant Growth Stimulant, Biofungicide, Ornamentals, Strawberries, Computer Classification Systems, Detect Identify Weeds, Cyber Security, Robotics, Software Engineering, Pcr, Hplc, Metabolite Identification, Microbial Detection, Phospholipids, Natural Fungicide, Egg Yolk Products, Surfactants, Sustainable Agriculture, Integrated Pest Managment, Cutworms, Wine Grapes, Nematodes, Beauveria Bassiana, Microbial Soil Inoculant, Blueberry Propagation, Trichoderma, Microbial Soil Health, Microbial Soil Inoculant, Blueberry, Field Trial, Product Validation, Trichoderma, Biofungicide, New Product Registration, Soil Microbial Health, Questionaire, Molecular Biology, Micronutrients, Natural Carriers, Climate Change Mitigation, Green Economy, Turfgrass, Sorghum, Beans, Steviol Glucosides, Soil Amendments, Plant Nutrition, Rebaudiosides, Student Wage Subsidy, Microbial Soil Inoculant, Blueberry, Field Trial, Product Validation, Biopesticide, Beauveria Bassiana, European Chafer, Biocontrol, Biological Pest Management, Mycopesticide, Metabolites, Metarhizium Robertsii, Biopesticide, Biocontrol, Bioproduct, Equipment, Fraction Collector, Software, GCMS, SPME, Growth Chamber, Hobo Sensors, Cholorphyll Meter, Light Meter, Pipettes, Biofertilizer, Brewery Waste, Protein Nutrient, Organic Waste Recovery, Organic Agriculture, Environmental Protection, Cucumber, Non-Soluable Micronutrient Carrier, Crop Response, Trichderma, Pink Snow Mould, Turf Disease, Biocontrol, Trichoderma, Microsclerotia, Chlamydospore, Biofungicide, Raspberry, Tissue Culture, Breeding Program, Monk Fruit, Mogrosides, Natural Sweeteners, Fermentation, Endophytic Fungi, Clonystachis Rosea, Biofungicide, Highbush Blueberry, Honeybee Vectoring, Tissue Culture, Biotization, Exotic Tropical Plants Deborah Henderson
Agriculture, Experimental Physics, Sensory System, Microsystems James Hoyland
Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Management, Agriculture, Agriculture Conservation, Agricultural Economics, Agriculture, Food and Trade Policy, Food Marketing, Agricultural Economics, Agriculture, Foods, Aboriginal Health, Community/Outreach Programs, Health Disparities, Health of Underserved Populations, Public Health, Agriculture, Social Services, Nutrition Education, Malnutrition, Community Development, Community Health, Tsawwassen First Nation, Sustainable Agriculture, Agricultural Collectives/Cooperatives, Agricultural Planning/Policy, Agricultural Products, Transport/Handling, Agriculture, Agricultural Commodities Kent Mullinix

Agricultural Products, Physical Properties, Toxicology, Teratology, Agriculture Conservation, Agriculture Conservation, Agricultural Products, Physical Properties, Toxicology, Teratology, Developmental Biology, Agriculture Conservation, Agricultural Products, Physical Properties, Toxicology, Teratology, Developmental Biology

Johnathan Myhre

Hops (Humulus lupulus), Beer brewing, Aroma characterization, Plant specialized metabolites, Terpenoids, Cultivar development, Fermentation science, Hops (Humulus lupulus), Biochemistry, Molecular biology, Brewing science, Agriculture, Cultivar development, Hops, Terroir, Terpene, Bitter acid, HPLC, GC

Mathias Schuetz