KPU Research Data Management Strategy (RDM)

What is the Strategy and why was it created? 

The KPU Research Data Management (RDM) Strategy was developed in response to the Tri-Agency RDM Policy, which came into effect in March 2021. The Policy mandates that any institution eligible to administer Tri-Agency funds must create and publicly post an institutional RDM strategy by March 1st, 2023.  

Accelerating research and scholarship activity at KPU is one of the goals of the university's 2023 Academic Plan, Vision 2023, and upcoming Vision 2026 Strategic Plan. Along with an increasing intensity of research comes a responsibility for the institution to provide clear guidance and resources to aid researchers in complying with the increasingly complex landscape of ethical, legal, security, privacy, and openness requirements. The Strategy represents a commitment by KPU to support its researchers in adopting good RDM practices which are essential to meeting these obligations. 
The current version of KPU RDM Strategy is available in two formats: 

Strategy development 

Co-sponsored by the Library and the Office of the Associate Vice-President for Research, Innovation, and Graduate studies, an RDM Strategy Working Group was formed in late 2022 to develop KPU's institutional RDM strategy.  
Led by the RDM Strategy Librarian, the group: 

  • Conducted a landscape review assessing research activity and RDM maturity level at the university 
  • Wrote a rough draft of the strategy 
  • Solicited targeted feedback from faculty research committees and research institutes 
  • Engaged in public consultation with the university community via the RDM Strategy consultation blog, which will continue to be actively maintained to document the development of the Strategy over time. 
  • Held a public Town Hall for discussing the Draft Strategy in January 2023 
  • Presented the draft Strategy for approval to the Senate Standing Committees on the Library and Research and Graduate Studies 

Next steps

Following publication of the RDM Strategy on March 1st, 2023, a university-wide call will be issued for members for new RDM Implementation Working Group. This group will guide development of a work plan to implement the Strategy's recommendations over the next 2 – 3 years. 
To get involved with the Implementation Working Group, email


Although consultation on the first published draft has concluded, the RDM Strategy is envisioned as a living document, subject to periodic review and update as supports and practices evolve. Comments, questions, or suggestions about the KPU RDM Strategy can always be submitted for consideration by the RDM Implementation Working Group either at or on the RDM Strategy consultation blog

Institutional RDM Strategy Working Group members 

Melissa Cuthill (Chair), RDM Strategy Librarian 
Deepak Gupta, Associate Vice President for Research, Innovation, and Graduate Studies 
Todd Mundle, University Librarian 
Reza Khakbaznejad, Chief Information Officer 
Adam Cullum, Information Access & Privacy Manager 
Rachel Chong, Indigenous Engagement and Subject Liaison Librarian 
Karen Meijer-Kline, Scholarly Communications Librarian 
Stephanie Phillips, Sherman Jen Research Chair, Faculty of Design 
Wallapak Polusub, Senior Research Associate, Institute for Sustainable Food Systems 
Robert Ball, Director, Information Security 
Leeann Waddington, Associate Vice President Teaching and Learning