Social Inclusion

Research Expertise

Research Focus Researcher/ Research Team
Criminology Alana Abramson
Cognitive Development/Processes, Developmental Psychology, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Social Sciences (Humanistic Emphasis) Daniel Bernstein
Youth Development/Leadership, Family, At-Risk Children/Youth Gira Bhatt
Resilience, Sustainable Cities, Regional/Urban Design, Urban Sociology, Urban Geography, Urban Planning/Policy, Urban Studies Kathy Dunster
Mass Communication/Media, Communications, Community Services, Health Care, Home Health Care Services, Public Health, Journalism, Substance Abuse, Drug Education Aaron Goodman
Indigenous Sovereignty, Performance, Gender, Sexuality, Cultural Resurgence, Art, Burlesque, Representation, Reconciliation, Indigenous Studies, Art, Performance, Gender, Sexuality, Colonialism, Resurgence, Decolonization Jennifer Hardwick
Canadian War Artist, Installation Art, Essay, Public Reading, Canadian Museums, Canadian Armed Forces, NATO Forces, Biological, Chemical and Radioactive Weapons, Creative Arts, Long Poem, Memoir, Grief and Mourning, Philosophy of Time, Cultural and Social Anthropology Aislinn Hunter
Social Justice, Harm Reduction, Housing, Anti-Poverty, Sexuality and Sender, Sex Work and Drug Use, Law, Food Security, Surveillance, Freedom of Information, Privacy, Disability, Decolonizing Education, Human Rights, Environmental Advocacy, Immigrant Resettlement, Restorative Justice, Public Safety, Corrections Ma Michael
Criminology, Aboriginal Studies, Law Lisa Monchalin
Sikhism, South Asian Religions, Religious History, Religious Literature, Happiness &, Well-being Studies Kamala Nayar
American Literature, Textual Editing, Digital Humanities Paul Ohler
Cultural/Social Anthropology, Cultural History, Ethnography, Ethnohistory, Latin American History Jason Ramsey
Asian Languages/Literature, English Language/Literature, Culture, Migration, Diaspora, Literary Criticism, Literary History Asma Sayed

Intellectual Disability, Inclusion, Post-Secondary, Universal Design For Learning

Swan Teresa