Jennifer (Jianying) Gao

Phone: 604-598-6206
Voicemail: 6206

Jennifer (Jianying) Gao is a passionate, influential doctor and educator of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). She comes from a long line of TCM doctors in her family, hence TCM excellence is deep in her root, having practiced in China and Canada for 20 years.


Since 2007, Gao has built and operates a successful Vancouver-based clinic, specialising in digestive, respiratory, gynaecological, and skin diseases, and all kinds of pain management.  Since 2008 has lectured multiple TCM courses and leaded teaching clinic in colleges in Vancouver.  Gao has a stellar reputation amongst students, and patients.


With her profound TCM knowledge and background, rich TCM clinical and teaching experiences, Gao has the honed her expertise in comprehensive and accurate diagnosis (especially in Tongue and Pulse diagnosis), allowing her to provide patients high-quality, in-depth treatments.


Gao profoundly comprehends the connections between emotions and physical symptoms, Her heartfelt multi-dimensional approach is a great comfort to her patients from body, mind and spirit. 


Gao strongly believes in patients’ Self-awareness and Self-nourishment; therefore, patient education and empowerment are high priorities in her practice.