This is a brief overview. Please contact your Union representative or a Human Resources Manager if you have any questions, or consult your collective agreement.

1. What are the Reasons Layoffs can Occur? (See Article 8.01)

  • Due to technological change
  • Shortage of operating funds
  • Elimination or reduction of programs or courses or services
  • Decline in enrolment
  • External decision or recommendation
  • Changing demand for employer services

2. What Notice of Layoff is Given? (See Article 8.03(d))

  • You will be notified verbally, then in writing (with a copy to the Union) as early as possible. There is no specified notice period.

3. Who Gets Laid Off and in What Order? (See Article 8.02)

  • Within the discipline/program the sequence for lay off must be: non-regular type 1 first then non-regular type 2 faculty members.
  • The decision about layoff within a discipline/program is made on the basis of least total FTE service. If the remaining faculty members in the discipline/program do not have the necessary qualifications, experience and abilities to instruct the remaining courses or perform the remaining services, the determination of who gets laid off will recommence with the faculty member with the next to least FTE service.

4. Do I Get Severance Pay? (See Article 8.06)

  • No, you only are paid cancellation fees of $500 for each ? reduction of a full workload to a maximum of $4000. If you are reassigned and don’t lose income then no cancellation fee is paid.

5. What is the Process for Exploring Alternate Work at Kwantlen? (See Article 8.04)

  • The minimum qualifications document listed in Policy G7 (Faculty Recruitment) is useful for exploring job possibilities in other areas.
  • Faculty members who are interested in alternate job possibilities should meet with the vice-president for that area (or designate) to identify unassigned work for which you have been placed on the qualified faculty list in other disciplines/programs or non-teaching work for which you have the necessary qualifications, experience and abilities. That administrator will obtain advice from the relevant discipline/program Search Committee as to whether the faculty member could be re-assigned, based on his/her qualifications, experience and abilities.

6. What is the Process for Exploring Other Job Possibilities in the B.C. College System? (See Letter of Understanding #14)

  • Laid off type 2 faculty with 2 calendar years of service may be listed on the Post Secondary Employers’ Association Registry for up to two years. Contact the Union or Human Resources for the Registry Form or see Appendix C in the Faculty Collective Agreement (available on the Human Resources Website).
  • It is the responsibility of faculty listed on the Registry to enquire about and apply for available work. They must tell the institution at the time of application that they are a registrant on the Registry (since registrants have specified rights as set out in LOU#14).

7. What Recall is Available After Layoff has Occurred? (See Article 8.05)

  • You are eligible for recall within the term of the affected appointment. For example, if your appointment letter was for 12 months starting September 1, and you were laid off in the following January due to a decline in enrolment, your recall period would extend until August 31 of that year. Within that period, you are entitled to compile workload equal to your original appointment, prior to the Dean issuing work to non-regular type 1 faculty members in that discipline/program.
  • If there is work available in the discipline/program, it shall be offered to laid off type 2 faculty who are on the qualified faculty list for the work available according to that program/discipline, then to type 2 faculty members laid off from other programs/disciplines who are on the qualified faculty list.

8. How Will Being Offered Recall Affect Me?

  • If you accept non-regular work, you will be paid at the appropriate rate of pay for non-regular work. If the work meets the definition of type 2 as set out in Article 1.04(d), you will be paid as a non-regular type 2 faculty member with appropriate salary and other entitlements. If the work does not meet the definition of type 2, you will be paid as a non-regular type 1 (on contract).
  • If you reject an offer of recall, or fail to respond within 5 calendar days to an offer, the employer will offer that work to the next qualified person in reverse order of lay-off.

9. What About My Benefits and Status?

  • If your workload is partially reduced, you may still retain type 2 status and pro-rated entitlements (eg. vacation and professional development) if you meet the criteria in Article 1.04(d). If you do not meet those criteria, you revert to contract status or non-regular type 1 (with no benefit coverage). You remain on the qualified faculty list.

10. What About Employment Insurance?

  • Call Human Resources Development Canada at 604.682.5400 for further information.

11. What Assistance Can I Get?

  • The Employee Assistance Program is available for confidential counselling on personal or financial issues. Call 1.800.387.4765.
  • The Kwantlen Faculty Association can be reached at 604.599.2200.
  • In the Human Resources Department, you can contact the Human Resources Consultant for your area.