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Town of Olds Zoning Bylaw

Topic Subtopic Policy or Policy Excerpt Document Location
development and productive use of agricultural land; zoning;
The purpose of this Bylaw is to, amongst other things, ....(8) protect better agricultural land from premature urban development
1.2 (8)
development and productive use of agricultural land; zoning; Definitions ..."better agricultural land" means land having a Canada Land Inventory Soil Capability for Agriculture rating of Class 1, 2, 3 or 4 or lands having a farmland assessment rating greater than 28 percent, or their equivalent as determined by government agencies or independent consultants, and at the discretion of the development authority may include other cultivated or improved land or potentially irrigable land. Better agricultural land excludes: (a) cut-off parcels which are regarded by the local municipality as being of insufficient size to farm, and (b) land which the Municipal Planning Commission determines is so badly fragmented by existing use or ownership that the land has a low agricultural capability or cannot logically be used for agricultural purposes 1.3


Town of Olds
Document Type: 
Zoning Bylaw
Level of Government: 
Consolidated 2017
Population Range: