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Town of Stony Plain Municipal Development Plan

Topic Subtopic Policy or Policy Excerpt Document Location

food production;

food processing, storage and distribution;

food distribution; Environmental Responsibility Address issues of community resiliency The Town is committed to developing sound policy to address protection of local food production and distribution. 1.5 a

food production;

food processing, storage and distribution;

urban agriculture;

food distribution; The Town will research best practices for urban agriculture and appropriate stages for support of the food production and distribution system. 1.5 b

urban agriculture;

food production;

urban gardens/orchard; The Town will encourage community food gardens by offering leasable allotments on select municipal reserve lands and allow for small-scale agricultural operations that are compatible with an urban built environment and existing land uses within the Town’s boundaries. 1.5 c

development and productive use of agricultural land;

urban-agricultural conflict & edge planning;


Areas for Future Urban Development
So that these areas are protected for future development potential, the Town will only allow uses that will not adversely impact urban settlement or that will not be detrimental to future urbanization. Sites may remain as existing uses, agricultural uses or other development uses that do not require major buildings or services. Should a road be developed to service such uses, it should be designed to accommodate future urban servicing.

food production;


farm retail/farm gate sales;


Areas for Future Urban Development
Extensive agricultural uses, such as field crops and market gardens supported by roadside produce sales, are encouraged, but intensive agricultural uses, such as livestock operations, will not be supported.
6.8 b


Town of Stony Plain
Document Type: 
Municipal Development Plan
Level of Government: 
Population Range: 
10,000 – 24,999