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City of Burnaby Official Community Plan

City of Burnaby Official Community Plan


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development and productive use of agricultural land;   continuing to preserve lands within the Agricultural Land Reserve for agricultural and limited other permitted uses; 9.3  
urban-agriculture conflict/edge planning;   provision of a planned and supported land use framework to provide for the long term coexistence of agricultural uses with other adjacent land uses,
with specific mitigative measures as required;

food production;

economic development;

agricultural industry services; supporting and encouraging the expansion of actual agricultural production and related services in the area; 9.3  

farm diversification;

urban gardens/orchard;

encouraging expansion and diversification of agriculture and related activities such as the opening of new areas to agricultural production and the continued City involvement in the Allotment Gardens Program; 9.3  
development and productive use of agricultural land; roads in agricultural land; ensuring that the location and construction of new roads and utility or communication corridors will have a minimal impact on farm holdings and operating activities; 9.3  
development and productive use of agricultural land;

ALR subdivision;


encouraging the retention of larger land holdings, discouraging the creation of any further smaller parcels, and encouraging the consolidation of smaller parcels into larger units of agricultural land; 9.3  
water management; irrigation and drainage; helping to facilitate the improvement of agricultural infrastructure (e.g., irrigation, drainage, and diking works), and service and marketing activities that support the agricultural sector; 9.3  
development and productive use of agricultural land;

ALR exclusion;


in conjunction with the Agricultural Land Commission, defining and maintaining Agricultural Land Reserve boundaries that are realistic and defensible in the longer term. 9.3  

Municipality or First Nation

City of Burnaby


ALR exclusion
ALR subdivision
agricultural industry services
roads in agricultural land
farm diversification
irrigation and drainage


Metro Vancouver

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Official Community Plan


Development and Productive use of Agricultural Land
Economic Development
Food Production
Urban - Agriculture Conflict & Edge Planning
Water Management

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