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District of North Vancouver Official Community Plan Bylaw 790

District of North Vancouver Official Community Plan Bylaw 790


Topic Subtopic Policy or Policy Excerpt Document Location Language Rating

food production;

urban agriculture;

food sales, access and procurement;

urban gardens/orchard;

farmers' markets;

Encourage sustainable, local food systems through initiatives such as promotion of healthy, local foods and food production, and the facilitation of community gardens, farmers markets, urban agriculture initiatives in appropriate locations.  pg 55 *

food production;

urban agriculture;

urban gardens/orchard; Integrate opportunities for urban agriculture in planning Town and Village centres.  pg 55  

food access, sales and procurement;

policy partnerships, advocacy and development;

partnerships/advocacy/liaising; Collaborate with Vancouver Coastal Health and other community partners in their efforts to provide increased access for all members of the community to safe, nutritious food pg 55  


Municipality or First Nation

District of North Vancouver


farmers' markets
urban gardens/orchard


Metro Vancouver

Document Type

Official Community Plan


Food Production
Food Sales, Access & Procurement
Policy Partnerships, Advocacy & Development
Urban Agriculture

Level of Government




Supplementary Information


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