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Electoral Area ‘C’ Oliver Rural Zoning Bylaw No. 2453

Electoral Area ‘C’ Oliver Rural Zoning Bylaw No. 2453


Topic Sub-topic Policy or Policy Excerpt Document Location
economic development; agri-tourism;

Agri-Tourism Accommodation

Agri-tourist accommodation is subject to the following regulations:
.1 Agri-tourist accommodation units are not permitted on parcels less than 4
ha, and no more than five (5) agri-tourism accommodation units are permitted on parcels 4 ha up to 7.9 ha, and no more than ten (10) agri-tourism accommodation units are permitted on parcels 8 ha and greater.

.2 No more than ten guest rooms are permitted on parcels 10 ha and greater.
.3 All guest rooms shall be located within a principal dwelling unit or separately from a principal dwelling unit, but all rooms contained under one roof.
.4 No guest room in the agri-tourist accommodation shall have an area of greater than 30 m2. A separate or ensuite washroom is not included as part of the area of the guest room.
.5 Meals for those persons renting the guest rooms may be provided within a principal dwelling unit or separately from the principal dwelling unit but contained under the same roof as the guest rooms.
.6 No cooking facilities shall be provided for within the guest rooms intended for the agri-tourist operation.
.7 No person shall stay within a guest room for more than thirty days in a calendar year.
.8 Approval from the Land Reserve Commission is required for an agri-tourist accommodation on lands within the Agricultural Land Reserve.
.9 One parking space per guest room is required in addition to those required for the principal dwelling.
.10 The agri-tourist operation shall not generate traffic congestion or parking problems within the District and shall not produce a public offence or nuisance of any kind.

development and productive use of agricultural land; siting and coverage;

Setbacks for Buildings, Structures and Areas for Farm uses...,

See document for additional details.

food production; livestock;

Keeping of Livestock

In this Bylaw, where agriculture is a permitted use, the following restrictions apply:
.1 On any parcel 2.0 ha or less in area, the total number of livestock, shall not exceed one (1) animal for each 0.4 ha of parcel area; xxxviii

.2 Despite Section 7.24.1, on any parcel 0.4 ha or less in area, the total number of poultry and/or fur bearing animals shall not exceed twenty-five (25).


food sales, access and procurement;

food processing, storage and distribution;

farm retail/farm gate sales;

food processing;

food distribution;

food storage;

Provisions for Accessory Retail Sales and Processing, Packing and Storage of Farm Products and/or Off-Farm Products

.1 Where permitted in any agricultural zone, farm products, processed farm
products and off-farm products may be sold to the public by retail sale subject
to the following:

a) the portion of the agricultural land used for retail sales of off-farm products shall not exceed one-third of the total area used for all retail sales. For the purpose of calculating the portion of agricultural or industrial agriculture land to be used for retail sales, the area of any building or structure used for that purpose, including aisles and other areas of circulation, shelf and display space, counter space for packaging and taking payment and any area used for the service and consumption of hot and cold food items, shall be included, but any office area, wholesale storage area, processing facility or parking area or driveway, whether used for retail sale or not, shall not be included;

b) where off-farm products are offered for sale, farm products and/or processed farm products shall also be offered for sale;

c) the retail sales area shall not exceed 300 m2;

d) ‘retail sales area’ in an Agricultural zone means the floor area or dedicated outside area on which farm retail sales are taking place and includes areas used for retail purposes inside buildings and areas outside buildings. It does not include parking, driveways, office space, washrooms, winery food & beverage lounges, or areas for processing or product storage;

e) where off-farm products are offered for sale, a minimum of 50% of the retail sales area must be devoted to the sales of farm products produced on the farm; and

f) at least 50% of the farm product being stored, packed, prepared, or processed is produced on the farm or is feed required for farm production purposes on the farm.

development and productive use of agricultural land; residential development;

Maximum Number of Dwellings Permitted Per Parcel

a) the number of principal dwellings and the number of accessory
dwellings, mobile homes and temporary farm worker housing
permitted per parcel shall be as follows:...

See document for details related to number of dwellings permitted per parcel in Agriculture One Zone (AG1)

development and productive use of agricultural land; siting and coverage; See document for siting and coverage regulations for buildings and structures in Agriculture One Zone (AG1). 10.2.6-10.2.8


Municipality or First Nation

Electoral Area C


farm retail/farm gate sales
food distribution
food processing
food storage
residential development
siting and coverage



Document Type

Zoning Bylaw


Development and Productive use of Agricultural Land
Economic Development
Food Processing, Storage & Distribution
Food Production
Food Sales, Access & Procurement

Level of Government



consolidated 2016

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