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Village of Port Clements Official Community Plan Bylaw #398

Village of Port Clements Official Community Plan Bylaw #398


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food production;

urban agriculture;

urban gardens/orchard; Accommodate food production and shared gardening ventures such as cooperatives, village community gardens, and neighbourhood gardens in appropriate areas and in areas designated Resource Areas on Schedule B. 13.1  
water management;

irrigation and drainage;

water restrictions and conservation;

Ensure that water used for large scale commercial agricultural purposes is from a source other than the Village domestic water supply. 13.3  
waste management; composting; Encourage development of a community green waste and compost facility. 13.4  
wildlife/environmental/pest management; pesticide and pest management; Support the control of invasive species, such as Japanese knotweed which was introduced to the islands in the 1950’s and is becoming a serious problem in  many jurisdictions, through limited and careful chemical treatment as mechanical treatment is not effective for some species. 13.7  


Municipality or First Nation

Village of Port Clements


urban gardens/orchard
pesticide and pest management
irrigation and drainage
water restrictions and conservation


Skeena-Queen Charlotte

Document Type

Official Community Plan


Food Production
Urban Agriculture
Waste Management
Water Management
Wildlife/Environmental/Pest Management

Level of Government




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