About JPEC

JPEC is a you-build-it competition designed for junior science students (grades 8–10) in the Lower Mainland. Its purpose is to build stuff, learn some physics, and have fun. It is run by volunteers, including high school teachers, students, and KPU faculty.  

JPEC was founded by Mr. Mike Hengeveld, an awesome Vancouver School Board physics teacher. He devised the concept of JPEC, put together this website, and developed many of the contests which you can find in the 'Past Competitions' found elsewhere on this site. After 8 years of service running the event, Mr. Hengeveld has 'retired' from JPEC, and passed the responsibility on to Kwantlen Polytechnic University's physics department. We at KPU will carry on this important contest and attempt to maintain the high standards established by Mr. Hengeveld.