T-Shirt Design Contest

In previous years we held a t-shirt design contest for our JPEC competition. Take a look at the winning t-shirt designs from previous years below.

Past JPEC T-Shirt Designs

JPEC 2011 Design Winner
Balloons Cars and Gliders
Max Wei | University Transition


JPEC 2010 Design Winner
Towers and Rockets
Maurice Yu | Templeton Secondary



JPEC 2009 Design Winner
Mousetraps and Pulleys
Michelle Zheng | Templeton Secondary



JPEC 2008 Design Winner
Bombers and Widgets
Amanda Kish | Earl Haig Secondary



JPEC 2007 Design Winner
Bridges and Stunt Cars
Ming Yang Wu | A.Y. Jackson Secondary



JPEC 2006 Design Winner
Towers and Catapults
Sally Chan | Killarney Secondary