Past Competitions


He that would have fruit must climb the tree.
-Thomas Fuller

Many have seen it, few have touched it, and fewer yet have won it. Every year, the names of the Undisputed Champions are engraved in the JPEC Cup, and the Cup resides at that school until the following May.

Below is a list of the past JPEC Cup winners.





  2014 | Winners

  Adriana Ibitsam
  Landi Ju
  Jennifer Dai
  Michelle Li
  Ben Osborne






2011 | Enver Creek

Dr. A. Kumar
Dr. J. P. Navarro
Dr. A. Land
Dr. G. Hayer
Dr. M. Mohamad

2010 | Lord Tweedsmuir

Stephanie Blain
Wyatt Gronnemose
Jei Lee
Tom Lee
Sumeet Lehal

2009 | Collingwood School

Nicole Beasley
Michelle Cleveland
Monica De Lazzari
Alyssa Kwok
Martin Kwok
Sanja Vicentijevic

2008 | West Point Grey Academy

David Exel
Ivy Huang
Kyle Sia-Chan
Wendy Chai
Carson Dueck

2007 | Vancouver Technical Secondary

Donny Boretta
Elizabeth Sundvall

2006 | Prince of Wales Secondary

Jason Chung
Jeffrey Fong
Edward Hsu
Heiju Song
Tony Tseng

2005 | David Thompson Secondary

Anna Cho
Jenny Hong
Rachelle Kwong
Julia Trong
May Ying Yip