JPEC 2007

May 2007

120 students, 26 teams, and 11 high schools competed in the third annual JPEC. The events were:

  • Spaghetti Bridge
  • Flying Stunt Car of Death
  • Penny Boat Rapids (Mystery Event)

This year was a great mix of competitors. A few schools did well in all three events, but Vancouver Technical Secondary had the best combined score to emerge as this year's "Undisputed Champions".

Congratulations to Elizabeth Sundvall and Donny Boretta!

Spaghetti Bridge

Build a bridge out of spaghetti that will hold as much weight as possible compared to the weight of the bridge itself. Click here for the original rules.

The ratio of weight held to that of the bridge itself is given in brackets. This is the second time we have run the brige event and the results were amazing.

  • Winners: Moscrop Secondary (16.54) JPEC record!
  • 2nd: Prince Of Wales Secondary (9.01)
  • 3rd: Winston Churchill Secondary (7.86)

Flying Stunt Car of Death

Build and modify a car that will roll down a ramp, jump over a wall, and roll as far as possible. Click here for the original rules.

Maximum distance is given in brackets. There was a wide array of ideas for this event, but in the end, heavy rollers seemed to do best.

  • Winners: Southridge Secondary (7.86 m)
  • 2nd: Prince of Wales Secondary (5.20 m)
  • 3rd: Howe Sound Secondary (3.77 m)

Penny Boat Rapids (Mystery Event)

Using marshmallows, tin foil, and bamboo skewers, design a boat that will carry as many pennies as possible through a water course of rapids, death, and destruction. Click here for the original rules.

Only two teams survived this event! Many of the designs used all the material provided, often resulting in awkward, ball-like designs. Oh well, tough event.

  • Winners: Sir Winston Churchill Secondary (4 pennies)
  • 2nd: Prince of Wales Secondary (3 pennies)

UBC Physics Show

Dr. Peets loves blowing things up with his liquid nitrogen cannon, creating havok and good old fashion fun. We all enjoyed seeing the rubber chicken back in flight again this year. In the afternoon Dr. Waltham and Dr. Kotlicki were on hand to (delight and) freak people out with infrared cameras, massive electrical charges, and all manner of physics toys that you won't find in a typical high school. Great fun!