JPEC 2006

May 2006

Nearly 100 students from 6 different schools competed in the second annual JPEC. The events were:

  • Spaghetti Water Tower
  • Water Balloon Catapults
  • Atomic Egg Drop (Mystery Event)

No single team won more than one event, making it a very close decision for the overall winners. When the scores for each team were tallied, Prince Of Wales Secondary took the cup as the "Undisputed Champions"!

Spaghetti Water Tower

Build a tower out of spaghetti that holds up as much water (in a bucket, or whatever) as possible compared to the weight of the tower itself. Click here for the original rules.

  • Winners: Britannia Secondary

Water Balloon Catapult

Build a catapult that will hurl a 500 g water balloon as far as possible. Click here for the original rules.

  • Winners: Prince of Wales Secondary

Atomic Egg Drop (Mystery Event)

Using only an egg carton, a paper napkin, and four elastic bands, protect an egg from a four storey fall onto concrete. Smallest surviving design wins. Click here for the original rules.

Pictured here also are some of the dedicated UBC volunteers who were paid only with a free t-shirt.

  • Winners: Britannia Secondary

UBC Physics Show

Once again, Dr. Peets blew things up with his liquid nitrogen cannon, creating somewhat of a JPEC tradition for lunch time entertainment (this year it was oranges and rubber chickens). In the afternoon, Dr. Milner and her skilled assistants delivered some physics magic in the Hebb Theatre.