JPEC 2010

May 2010

It was an Olympic Year! 159 students, 33 teams, and 17 high schools competed in the sixth annual JPEC.The events were:

  • Mission to Mars
  • Tower of Power
  • Quarantine Island (Mystery Event)

Five teams showed a solid performance in all three events—an unusual and difficult feat! Lord Tweedsmuir, however, had the edge and rose to become the "Undisputed Champions" for 2010.

This year we consumed 53 large pizzas, without a single burp.

Mission to Mars

Egg Drop Extreme! Build a contraption that will protect an egg from a three storey fall onto concrete after being on a BBQ at 200 Celsius and a -200 Celsius Liquid Nitrogen bath (contest rules here). Templeton Secondary took the Gold with their featherweight design coming in at a mere 187 grams!

  • Winners: Templeton Secondary
  • 2nd: Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary
  • 3rd: Prince of Wales Secondary

Tower of Power

Build a tower crane out of spaghetti that holds as much weight as possible without touching an obstacle. Sounds simple, but the size restrictions made this a tough one (contest rules here). Eric Hamber students came out well ahead of the other teams with a design that held almost 4 times its own weight. Congratulations!

  • Winners: Eric Hamber
  • 2nd: R.C. Palmer Secondary
  • 3rd: West Point Grey Academy

Quarantine Island (Mystery Event)

Backstory: Mr. Blobby is a popular entertainer in a post-apocalyptic society. When he falls ill, it is necessary to whisk him off to Quarantine Island in a sailboat as quickly as possible. Materials for making the boat were a zip-lock bag, bandages, skewers, straws, paper plate and a the sheet of instructions. A fan driven race ensued across a long tub of water.

  • Winners: Price of Wales Secondary
  • 2nd: R.C. Palmer Secondary
  • 3rd: Fraser Heights Secondary