JPEC 2005

May 2005

In the first ever JPEC meet, 50 students from 3 different high schools competed in the following events:

  • Spaghetti Bridge
  • Balloon Cars
  • Paper Towers (Mystery Event)

Competition between the schools and teams was closely matched, but when the overall score was calculated, David Thompson took home the first ever JPEC cup!

Spaghetti Bridge

Build a bridge out of spaghetti and glue that will hold as much weight before breaking, compared to the weight of your bridge.Click here for the original rules.

  • Winners: David Thompson Secondary

Balloon Car

Build a catapult that will hurl a 500 g water balloon as far as possible. Click here for the original rules.

  • Winners: Prince of Wales Secondary

Paper Tower (Mystery Event)

Using only a single piece of 8.5x11 paper and a foot of tape, make the tallest free standing tower possible.

  • Winners: Point Grey Secondary

UBC Physics Show

For lunch time entertainment, Dr. Peets gave a demonstration of the explosive powers of liquid nitrogen, to the dismay of a stuffed dog and rubber chicken. Later, in the Hebb Theatre, Dr. Milner and her trusty lab technicians put on a show in the afternoon that wowedthe senses and hurt the brain with some really cool physics toys (like the expensive ones you won't see in high school).