About Us

The Kwantlen Educational Policy Incubator, [KEPI], was founded in 2016 based on two observations. 

  1. There are areas within the community that are in need of research support, and 

  2. There is an abundance of capable and excited minds at undergraduate institutions who are eager to help their communities.

Since then, KEPI has trained and provided opportunities for well over a dozen aspiring policy and pedagogy thinkers, while simultaneously providing support for multiple stakeholders. Such stakeholders include the Ministry of Education; various school districts (teachers, grade 12 students, and administers); BCCPAC; and Faculty, administrators, and support staff at KPU. The support took the form of research on various pedagogical topics, such as honors degrees; learning outcomes; k-12/k-16 education; online education; academic governance structures; audio/visual teaching resources; and many more.

On our website, you'll find our publications, links to media articles about us, information about our team and contact information, and more.