Published Research

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The Surrey Portfolio Pathway Partnership: Stepping into the Future of Assessment and Post-Secondary Admission 

Article published in EdCan Network 

Competency-Driven Admission Policy

Conclusions from the Surrey Portfolio Pathway Partnership

Undergraduate Research in Support of Community Decision-Making 

Vignette in Council on Undergraduate Research 

Meeting a Student's Individual Needs 

Report prepared for the British Columbia Coalition of Parent Advisory Councils 

Planning Content for Online Courses: The Search For SPOC 

Article Published in University Affairs 

Spoc: To Boldly Go where No Course Has Gone Before 

Article Published in Times Higher Education 

Undergraduate Research Experiences in the Liberal Arts: The Case of Parent Advisory Councils 

Paper published in Transformative Dialogues

Discussion Points: Sexual Assault and Campus Safety 

Paper published in Kwantlen Open Resource Access 

Review of 'Towards a Political Theory of the University: Public Reason, Democracy, and Education 

Published in Philosophical Inquiry in Higher Education