Team and Alumni

The KEPI Team 

Dr. David P. Burns
B.Ed., M.Ed., Ph.D., Primary Investigator; Teaching Fellow; Senate Vice Chair; Dept. of Educational Studies/Faculty of Arts: See full list of scholarly works here, and a summarized list of works below. 

Ms Anya Goldin
Senior Research Assistant, Policy; Student Researcher to the Senate

KEPI Alumni 

Ms Brianna Lewis
Research Assistant, Pedagogy; Learning Outcomes Developer

Ms Chanel Oliver
Research Assistant, Pedagogy

Ms Avneet Mathroo
Research Assistant, Pedagogy 

Mr Spencer Karjala
Digital Producer 

Ms Justine Jawanda
Research Assistant, Pedagogy

Ms Allison Gonzalez Biagi
Research Assistant, Policy

Ms Natasha Lopes
Research Assistant, Policy

Dr. David P. Burns

Vice Chair, University Senate, KPU

  • Chair of Senate Standing Committee on Curriculum
  • Chair of Senate Standing Committee on University Budget
  • Teaching Fellow, K-12 Transformation
  • Primary Investigator, KEPI
  • Faculty Member, Department of Educational Studies, Faculty of Arts


David P. Burns, Ph.D. received a B.Ed. in Secondary Education and an M.Ed. and Ph.D. in Educational Policy Studies from the University of Alberta. His areas of specialization include: philosophy of education, professional ethics, moral/character education, and environmental education. Dr. Burns has lectured on the law, ethics, and philosophy of education, as well as teaching methods, classroom management and social justice. Dr. Burns has published in journals such as the Canadian Journal for Science, Mathematics and Technology Education; Paideusis; Transformative Dialogues; Curriculum and Pedagogy; Educational Management, Administration and Leadership; and Globalisation, Societies and Education. Before coming to KPU Dr. Burns taught at the Universities of Alberta and British Columbia. He has also worked as a high school teacher and educational consultant.

Areas of Interest

Educational Technology, Education Policy, Postsecondary Teaching Methods, Educational Ethics, Environmental Education, Scientific Literacy, Moral Education.

Current Studies: Education policy in British Columbia, University Governance, University Admission and Transitions

Courses Taught

  • EDUC 1100: Introduction to Higher Education (online)
  • EDUC 1150: Introduction to Higher Education for International Students
  • EDUC 3210: Supportive Relations / Classroom Management
  • EDUC 3240: Social Justice and Diversity in Education
  • EDUC 4210: Best Practices in Educational Settings

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