Dean's Message

Welcome to the Melville School of Business at Kwantlen Polytechnic University!

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Our objective is to create an engaging and hands-on learning environment. You will have the opportunity to acquire new skills, new knowledge, new experiences of the real world and new perspectives on life and relationships. When you leave us we want you to see many possible areas of opportunity in life, to be resilient and creative in the face of challenges. We want every student to welcome change, understanding that those who participate fully in life have the most influence on the shaping of the future.

For many of you the choice to study in business was an easy and obvious choice. Others are curious, or following the advice of parents, teachers and friends, to give business a try. We welcome all of you to the world of business.

We know that successful people in any area of life including "social entrepreneurs" contribute more to society than they take from it. In creating value for others we grow and attract value into our own lives. In the Melville School of Business you will have the opportunity to learn how you can be more effective in creating value—and getting results that make a difference.

Stephanie Howes
Dean, Melville School of Business