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My Action Plan shows students their route to graduation

How do I access MAP?

Note: MAP is ony available to students once they're issued a time ticket to register, plus students in Trades programs leading to a KPU credential. MAP is not available to Continuing & Professional Studies (CPS), General Interest (GI), and other non-credential-seeking enrollees.

Go To MAP Audit


How do I audit my current program?

At login you're shown an audit for the program and University Calendar Year that's currently active on your student record.

Reading the audit is pretty straightforward. If you need help, see the How To instructions or the FAQs. An Academic Advisor can also help.


How do I change my program?

If you're actually pursuing a different program than is shown in your default audit, go to to change your program. Don’t delay, as certain deadlines apply.


What if I want to audit a different program or Calender Year?

  1. Click the What If option under the Worksheets tab.

What if

  1. Choose a Calendar Year and Program.
  2. If appropriate, choose a Major, Concentration, and Minor.
  3. Click Process What-If (or Print / Save as PDF). Note: To include any transfer credits granted in the current semester, or registered classes in a future semester,  in a What-If audit, you must tick the box to "Include preregistered classes".

What if 2



Where can I get more information?

Start with the How To instructions and FAQs, or see an Academic Advisor. For additional information about curricular requirements or academic regulations see the University Calendar