My Action Plan shows students their route to graduation

What if I get an error and no audit when I login? 

See an Academic Advisor. Most likely the program on your student record is older and not coded in MAP.
The following older programs are not in MAP:

  • Associate of Science in Biology
  • Associate of Science in Chemistry


Why is a requirement not completed even though I have the course that fulfills it?

The assignment of courses to requirements is done by a “best-fit” algorithm with multiple decision criteria. As you continue to accumulate courses, the algorithm will adjust how it matches courses against requirements. Often multiple possibilities exist and the algorithm may not choose the same configuration that you would choose. This is particularly true when many requirements are still unfulfilled for a course that fulfills multiple requirements. In general, adjustments will not be made to audits that are still incomplete as course positions may change as more courses are completed.


What if my audit is missing new information?

Note that grade updates or classes added/dropped/withdrawn only appear following the nightly data update from the main student database.


I think my audit is incorrect. What should I do?

The first step is to check the information you believe is wrong. If there appears to be a problem, outline the exact issue in detail with an Academic Advisor. An Advisor may help clarify, or may refer the matter to the Office of the Registrar.


Why do undeclared students have a different audit?

The audit for undeclared students shows the declaration requirements for their 'intended program', as well as the curricular requirements for that program. A limit on the number of credits applied to the intended program has been coded so that students must declare in order to obtain a complete audit. A link to the webpage for declaration is provided.


Course Attributes

Curricular requirements sometimes refer to courses with specific attributes using the following initializations:

  • ASTR for courses designated as Associate’s Degree Transferable within B.C.
  • QUAN for courses designated to meet quantitative requirements at KPU
  • WRIT for courses designated to meet writing intensive requirements at KPU

The Faculty offering the course:

  • ACPR = Faculty of Academic & Career Preparation
  • ARTS = Faculty of Arts
  • BUSI = Melville School of Business
  • DESN = Wilson School of Design
  • HLTH = Faculty of Health
  • SCIH = Faculty of Science
  • TRAD = Faculty of Trades & Technology


Quantitative (QUAN) Courses

Courses designated as quantitative (QUAN) in the University Calendar from 2010-11 onwards have the QUAN attribute and thus are automatically able to fulfill quantitative curricular requirements. For courses taken prior to September of 2011, quantitative designation must be approved by the Faculty of Arts in order to fulfill quantitative curricular requirements. See an Arts Degree Advisor.


University Calender Year

University Calendar Year the year of the University Calendar with the curricular requirements that you must fulfill in order to graduate. It is usually designated by the date you commenced your program, but may have been changed by a subsequent declaration or readmission.


Cross-Listed Courses

When a single course is offered under multiple subject codes it is described as cross-listed. Alternate cross-listings will automatically fulfill specific requirements, they will not fulfill general requirements. For example, if MATH 101 is cross-listed with PHYS 101, then PHYS 101 will fulfill a specific requirement for 1 course in MATH 101, but it will not fulfill general requirements such as 1 Course in MATH 100:599, or 1 Course in MATH 1@, or 35 Credits in MATH @.


Equivalent Courses

When a new course replaces an old course and the content is sufficiently similar, the old course may be designated as equivalent. An equivalent course will automatically fulfill a specific requirement for the new course, it will not fulfill a general requirements. For example, if the old course HIST 201 has been set as equivalent to the new course HIST 301, then HIST 201 will fulfill a specific requirement for 1 course in HIST 301, but it will not fulfill general requirements such as 1 Course in HIST 300:599, or 1 Course in HIST 3@,  or 35 Credits in HIST 3@.



Holds are administrative blocks on registration and/or graduation. Students can review their holds using the Student Profile. 
Please see an Academic Advisor or Student Enrollment Services (SES) to address the particular cause of your hold status.


Graduation Status

Provides up-to-date information about the status of your application to graduate, provided your program of record (i.e. the one shown in your default audit upon login) exactly matches the program in your application to graduate.
Students should declare or change their program of record at www.kpu.ca/declaration prior to the term in which they intend to apply to graduate.
See kpu.ca/graduation for information about applying to graduate once you begin your final term of coursework.