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Policy Development at KPU

Policy GV2, Protocol for the Development of University Policies Policy and related Procedures were approved by Senate and the Board of Governors, and became effective in April 2013.

The Policy Protocol guides the development, modification and approval process of policies and procedures at KPU.  It provides current students, faculty, staff, Board Members and other members of the university with a set of guidelines for developing policy that will assist in ensuring compliance with legal and other regulatory requirements, managing risk, achieving the University's mission, enhancing operational efficiencies and setting appropriate standards and restraints.  The process is thorough and solicits feedback from the University community, allowing for greater transparency in KPU's overall policy development and approval process.

The KPU Policy Blog has been established to facilitate an open and inclusive policy development process for the University community.

The Policy Toolkit will provide you with the forms and templates necessary for the development and modification of a policy and/or procedure at KPU.