Operational Framework

Chart 1: Workload and Value-Add Priorities

The following is a framework to assist the Kwantlen community understand the processes used in Supply Services.

PLEASE NOTE: This framework does not change Job Description, Job Duties and Tasks established for these positions.

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Supply Services works in a team and matrix environment, where there is shared responsibility for maintaining the objectives and outcomes set. One person may not be responsible for an entire process or function, but has a shared responsibility for filling in the gaps if noticed, requested or required. Our objective is to maintain quality and performance in a high volume operation while contributing to staff development through mentoring and peer review.

Our performance targets are to turn around straight forward requests from internal partners to the external supplier community within 48 hours.

To achieve value for money by competitively bidding Kwantlen's requirements where feasible and cost effective.

To maintain compliance with laws, trade agreements and core policy in our operations.

Chart 2: Spending Guidelines

Director Approval – Sole Source may be permitted when justification provided from internal partner or when time or necessary data is not available for immediate quote.

PLEASE NOTE: If issued as sole source a vendor reporting / usage condition will be added to Contract or Purchase Order to ensure data is collected for next contract period.

Competitive Bid – As required under current trade agreements and core policy.

Facilities Request – Sole Source may be permitted when justification provided by Facilities' Director or Physical Plant Manager for emergency situations.

Spending Range Process Approval Equipment Supply Contract Service Construction
$0–$5,000 Sole Source Buyer & Customer Discretion Sr/Buyers Yes Yes Yes Yes
$5,000–$20,000 Written Quotes Simple Format SR/Buyers/Manager Yes Sole Source Director Approval Sole Source Director Approval Sole Source Facilities Request
$20,000–$50,000 Competitive Bid Sr/Buyers/Manager Yes Yes Yes Sole Source upon Director Approval
$50,000–$100,000 Competitive Bid Sr/Buyers/manager Invite or Public BC Bid Invite or Public BC Bid Invite Invite
$100,000–$250,000 Competitive Bid Vice President Public AIT BC Bid Public AIT BC Bid Public AIT BC Bid Invite
$250,000+ Competitive Bid Board of Governors Public AIT BC Bid Public AIT BC Bid Public AIT BC Bid Public AIT BC Bid/CCDC


AIT Annex 502.4 Procurement
Provisions for publicly funded academic entities in BC; which as different limits and exemptions than in the main AIT document. Annex 502.4 establishes $100,000 limit for Good and Services and $250,000 for Construction, and the following non-application (exemptions): goods for resale to the public, purchases financed by donations, cultural or artistic goods, computer software for education purposes, professionals such as: medical doctors, nurses, pharmacists, veterinarians, engineers, land surveyors, architects, accountants, lawyers and notaries; financial services for the management of investments; health and social services. Please refer to Annex 502.4 for full information.

New West Partnership trade Agreement (NWPTA)

  Active Semi-Active
Purchase Requisitions +2 Fiscal years 0 years
Quotes and RFP's +4 Fiscal years 0 years
Receiving Orders/Files/Packing Slips +2 Fiscal years 0 years
Expenditure Contracts, Other than Construction +2 Fiscal years 5 years
New Campus Projects, Construction, FF&E +10 Fiscal years 5 years
Catalogues of Suppliers 0 years 0 years
Purchasing Subjects 0 years 0 years
Subject Administration 0 years 0 years