Local Food Futures for BC: Findings from Regional Dialogues


In the Fall of 2014, the ISFS facilitated six dialogues on the Future of Local Food Systems throughout British Columbia. The purpose of the Dialogues was to understand how people envision sustainable food systems for their regions; to identify regional priorities for action; and to gather recommendations for specific actions to support and encourage development of sustainable, local food systems. The Dialogues were conceived by the BC Sustainable Food Systems Working Group, and were funded by the Real Estate Foundation of BC.

The dialogues were held in Prince George, Cranbrook, Kamloops, Kelowna, Nanaimo and Richmond, and participants were invited on the basis of their engagement with local and sustainable food systems in their regions, and were selected to represent: food producers; community leaders; provincial health authorities; agrologists; First Nations; planners; government and academics.

The Dialogues identified four province-wide priorities for action toward sustainable, local food systems:

  1. Increase knowledge about sustainable local food systems among the general public and policy makers;
  2. Expand local infrastructure for food processing, storage, and distribution;
  3. Support and encourage established farmers and new entrants to all food system industries; and
  4. Protect, enhance and maintain access to agricultural land (foodland) and water

Project Report

Read the Report: Local Food Futures for BC: Findings from Regional Dialogues.