Frequently Asked Questions

(1) Do I have to be a TALK member to partake in courses?

  • Yes. It is necessary to be a TALK member (September - August) in order to register for any of our paid TALK courses. You do NOT have to pay membership fees for registering into any of our free courses.

(2) Do I have to be a TALK member to attend a Philosophers’ Corner?

  • No, Philosophers’ Corners are open to the public. You do not have to be a TALK member to participate. During the COVID pandemic restrictions we will be offering ZOOM meetings and registration is required in order to receive your Zoom invitation.

(3) What is Amilia?

  • Amilia is the online registration and payment system used by TALK. It is a Canadian based organization and the use of the system has been vetted and approved by TALK and KPU.

(4) What if I find I will not be able to attend a course I have registered for?

  • Members are entitled to a refund of course fees if withdrawal occurs before the “Please Register By” date. TALK membership fees will not be refunded. If you would like to withdraw from a course, please call the TALK phone number 604-599-3077.

      (5) May I register after the course "register by" date?

      • Yes, you may register after that date. However, it is preferable to have members register earlier so that we know if we have enough people to run the course. Some courses fill up quickly so it is a good idea to register as early as you can. 

      (6) Is there parking available on campus?

           Parking is available on all Kwantlen campuses. The cost is $5.00.

      • Remember car's license plate number.
      • Go to a Paystation located at main building entrances.
      • Key in license number; select time; then pay. Coin plus Visa and MasterCard are accepted at all Pay-by-Stall Paystations.
      • Take receipt - no need to display on vehicle dash. The pass will be valid on all campuses for the day of purchase with displayed receipt.

      If you have a handicapped placard, parking is free in the marked handicapped spaces only. If you park in a regular stall, you are expected to pay.

      There is also free parking at the Newton Athletic Centre near the Surrey campus.

      Campus Addresses and Maps

      (7) How can I get more information on the course content?

      (8) What happens if a course is cancelled?

      • Registrants will receive a cancellation email notification that will request a response - If the TALK admin do not receive an email response, the TALK member will be called and notified of the cancellation of the course. A full refund will be provided. 

      (9) How do I get a receipt?

      • An email confirmation of registration and payment will be sent to your email address. You can also access your invoice and payment information on your Amilia account. 

      (10) Will I get a confirmation email with all of the courses I signed up for?

      • Yes. You will receive a confirmation of registration and payment email. You can also see a calendar of the courses you have registered for by going to your online Amilia calendar. 

      (11)  When will I receive my Zoom invitation?

      • You should receive your Zoom invitation from within three (3) days prior to the scheduled session.  This will include the link to your Zoom webinar or meeting, and any handouts the presenter has supplied.  Please read this email carefully for any special instructions.  Ensure that you have listed in the Safe Senders tab in your email server's Junk Mail Options.  If you have not received the link by the day before the session, please contact us immediately through or call us at 604.599.3077 so that we may resend you the link.

      (12)  What is the difference between a Zoom meeting and a Zoom webinar?

      • A Zoom meeting allows all participants to see and hear each other and you are able to mute yourself and turn your video on and off.  We run our Philosophers' Corners as Zoom meetings to facilitate discussion amongst the attendees.  A Zoom webinar has a host (KPU employee) who opens up the webinar electronically at the scheduled time.  Participants are automatically muted when they join a Zoom webinar and are not seen.  Webinars have a co-host who can allow participants to unmute so that they can be heard and can also allow video to be turned on in certain cases.  At the beginning of a webinar, you will see the co-host, the facilitator and the presenter.  During most of the session, you will see the presenter and any slides or videos they share.

      (13)  How do I sign into a Zoom meeting or webinar?

      (14)  What if I cannot get connected to the course via Zoom?

      • We recommend that you click on the Zoom link, that you received via email, about 10 minutes before the webinar start time.  You should get a screen saying, "Please wait for the host to start the webinar".  If you do not, send an email to  Put "Problem" in the subject line, and put your phone number and the problem you are having in the body of the email.  A KPU staff member will phone you as soon as possible to try to get you connected.  The phone number will be a private one, not the TALK one, as KPU staff are operating remotely and using their own phones.

      (15)  How do I submit a question to a presenter during a Zoom session?

      • Select the Q&A option on the Zoom toolbar and type in your question.  The presenter will read your question to the rest of the group and then answer it.  Depending upon the presenter's preferences, stated at the beginning of the meeting, you may also be encouraged to use the Raise Hand option which is found in the Zoom toolbar (wiggle your mouse to cause the toolbar to be visible).  The co-host will call on you when it is your turn to speak.

      (16)  How do I communicate a technical problem during a Zoom session?

      • Please use the Chat option for all things technical or email us at and in the subject line type "Problem".

      (17)  What are the COVID-19 protocols for on-campus courses?

      • KPU Covid-19 health restrictions are that all members must wear a face mask and you will find hand sanitizer stations at the entrances of our buildings.  TALK expects all members to be double-vaccinated.  You will receive notice of any additional requirements with the reminder notice that is sent a few days before your class.

      Please note that there are elevators on each campus for those who have trouble with the stairs.

      Note also that you may request a campus security escort  to accompany you to and from your vehicle.

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