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Philosophers' Corner

Fall 2019 Session

You don't have to be a philosopher to participate in these stimulating sessions. If you enjoy listening to people delve into the topics listed, providing their own and often controversial perspectives, or if you have insights or perspectives to offer, you will enjoy these Philosophers' Corner sessions. Some sessions will have a featured presenter to introduce the topic and all sessions are moderated to limit discussion to one speaker at a time and to ensure everyone gets a chance to speak.

We hope you will join us and discuss these thought provoking topics where listeners are as welcome as speakers.

  • Open to the Public
  • $2.00 drop-in fee
  • Food and beverage orders from 11:30 am. Presentation and discussion from 11:45 am onwards
  • Langley Philosophers' Corners start at 10:30 am in the library and lunch is not part of the event (but coffee, tea and cookies are!)
  • No pre-registration necessary, but admission will be on a “first come, first served” basis as space permits

Richmond (Steveston Hotel)

Richmond Philosophers’ Corner sessions are held on the first Thursday of the month starting at 11:30 am at the Steveston Hotel in the back room behind the cafeteria, 12111 Third Avenue at the corner of Moncton Street, Tel: 604.277.9511. 

Date Topic
October 3 Why are we influenced by celebrities? 
November 7 What are "Canadian Values"?
December 5 Why is violence against women still a problem?

Surrey (Ricky's Country Restaurant)

Surrey Philosophers’ Corner sessions are held on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month starting at 11:30 am, in the back room on the main floor of Ricky's Country Restaurant (formerly ABC Country Restaurant), 2160 King George Boulevard, Tel: 604.531.2635

Date Topic
September 12 Will our grandchildren be living in the Lower Mainland? 
September 26 Should the Government ban Muslim religious attire?
October 10 How do you forget your child in the car?
October 24 Poverty, Mental Illness, Homelessness - are there answers?
November 14 The impact of money laundering in BC
November 28 Are fewer Canadians having children and what is the impact on society?
December 12 Ageism - what's in a number?

Langley (City of Langley Library)

Langley's Philosophers' Corner Sessions are held on the first Thursday of the month starting at 10:30 am (no meal but snacks provided), at the City of Langley Library, 20399 Douglas Cres.  

Date Topic
October 3 Is Canada committed to Democracy? 
November 7 Cannabis: on year after legalization in Canada
December 5 Will technology save us or doom us?