Call for Papers

Instructions for Submitting Papers

We welcome submissions related to the teaching of psychology. Please submit abstracts for talks, posters, workshops or the participant idea exchange by clicking here. The abstract should be up to 150 words and also include the author name(s), title(s), email address(es), affiliation(s), preferred type of presentation (talk, poster, workshop or participant idea exchange), and presentation title. Please note that the number of workshops will be limited given the large volume of talks that will also need to be accommodated.

Submission Deadline extended to April 21st, 2017

Submission Form

Participant Idea Exchange:

The Participant Idea Exchange is a session with numerous round table discussion groups.  If you want to facilitate a discussion group you should submit an abstract describing the teaching-related topic you would like to discuss.  Each table will have different topics and participants may stay at one table for the duration of the session or move around depending on their interests.

Poster Submissions:

Posters should be no larger than 4 by 6 feet ( 121.92cm by 182.88cm).  If you would like more information regarding poster construction there are many sites including the following which also includes a PowerPoint template that you just fill in.