Visitors from the US -

Get your passport – As of January, 2007, a passport will be required for air travel to the USA. You will also require one to re-enter the US. Information is available from the State Department at Allow plenty of time for processing. Non-US residents should check the requirements for their specific situation.


Transportation from the Airport – Expect to pay about $30 Canadian for a taxi ride from the airport to the hotel. The Airporter Bus (shuttle) is not recommended as it does not come close enough to the hotel.

Alternatively there is a skytrain (light rail) that goes directly from the airport to the Yaletown/Roundhouse station. This station is approximately 1 mile from the hotal and you can take either a taxi or a bus (C21 or C23) to the hotel from here.

Airport as you Leave – You will be cleared for entry into the US at the airport as US Customs and Immigration has a processing area in the Vancouver International Airport. Allow plenty of time to get through security (2 hours) in case things are moving slowly. Also, if you are hungry, there are many food vendors outside the Security checkpoint.


Airport Security Regulations – Please check with your airline carrier for specifics regarding carry-on luggage.

Canadian Money – One- (loonie) and two-dollar (toonie) coins are used.  The smallest paper bill used by Canadians is a five-dollar bill.