I Do Declare Arts


I'll Take "Declaration for $1000"

 A chance to win tuition credit from the Faculty of Arts for the Spring 2024 term.

How to apply:

Declare your Bachelor’s degree in the Faculty of Arts between now and November 15, 2023.Send a screenshot of the confirmation screen to declarearts@kpu.ca from your KPU email account. Have between 45-75 credits completed.26 Winners announced before the Spring 2024 term.

For assistance with declaring, please see an Arts Degree Advisor.

Are you waiting to officially “declare” in your Bachelor of Arts degree?  You might be ready already!  It’s very easy to declare, whether you’re an undeclared student (like all new students) or currently declared in a different program (diploma, associate degree, or a different major or minor).

If you are in good academic standing (2.0 GPA or higher), have at least 18 credits completed, and those credits include 3 credits of English and 6 credits in your intended major, you should declare!

Please watch the following videos for why you should declare, how you can do it, and to learn about some of the benefits of declaring.

Declaration Week: When can you Declare?

Declaration Week: How to declare your BA

Declaration Week: It's time to Declare!

Declaration Week: How declaring your Major gives you an earlier registration date