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Arts Degree Advising

Arts Advising

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Who are the Arts Degree Advisors?

Naomi Ben-YehudaNaomi Ben-Yehuda

I have a Masters in counselling psychology and an undergrad degree in psychology with a minor in communications. I have experience working on a crisis hotline, career counselling, and academic advising. I like to advise students from a holistic viewpoint: students come to us with their personal lives influencing their career goals, which inform their academic choices. I enjoy one-on-one meetings as well as group presentations and interactions, and have found a strength in organizing information in a useful, succinct, clear manner as with our bachelor's degree Program Planning Guides, and in helping with editing the official calendar for the Faculty of Arts.

Anthea PasinAnthea Pasin

I have a Bachelor of Arts and TESL certificate from UBC. I have taught middle school Geography in Italy, and ESL to young adults. As an Academic Advisor, I enjoy meeting with students in appointments and strive to understand their goals and improve their experience at KPU. My approach to advising is to listen and establish a connection first, and advise second. I am currently working on KPU's Prior Learning and Assessment and degree completion initiatives. When not advising at KPU, I operate an online education platform connecting teachers with students with partial proceeds going back to a global literacy charity.

Peter WarrenPeter Warren

I have a background in education, having previously worked as a secondary school teacher and a university TA. I enjoy working with students, helping them problem solve, and developing their academic and career goals. I am a big believer in Exploratory Education, and that the best way to discover passion for a subject is to try it out. I am also a strong public speaker, and am the Arts Advising rep on Faculty Council, Arts Academic Planning and Priorities, and Academic Advising Council. I have a Master of Arts degree from Ryerson University, and a Bachelor of Education from UBC.

What do you do?

While Central Advising is ideal for new students, the Faculty of Arts is the largest Faculty at KPU and we at Arts Degree Advising specialize in guiding students through all of your options in Arts.

We are available to answer questions on the following topics:

  • Course planning and selection
  • Major and minor choices
  • Program Declarations
  • Course prerequisites
  • Program & graduation requirements
  • Academic regulations and policies
  • Educational planning for career goals

Why should I come see you?

If you are a Declared Arts student, come by to discuss your options for a Bachelor's degree.

Undeclared students with fewer than 45 credits should book an appointment with Central Advising.

If you are completing an Associate of Arts (AA) degree, or an Arts Diploma, come to us with your questions about continuing on to Years 3 and 4.

If you are a transfer student intending to complete a Bachelor's degree within the Faculty of Arts, come make sure that you have everything that you need.

If you aren't sure how to upgrade to Undergraduate Studies, check out our Pathway guide.

How do I book an appointment?

Individual appointments to meet with us can be made using Advisor Connect.

Once your appointment is made please check in at the following locations:

-- Surrey Campus, Arbutus Bldg. Rm. A2110

-- Richmond Campus, Rm 1560

Tuesday & Wednesday appointments are available from 4:00-6:30pm (Surrey Campus)

If you have a brief question that does not require an appointment, email us at from your Kwantlen e-mail account, and we will do our best to assist you. Please include your name and student number.

Can I just drop by?

Of course! We have time specifically set aside for this. Drop-in advising is a brief consultation to get short answers to one or two questions. Drop-ins are not intended for students with complex questions or questions that require a detailed review of the student's academic history. Situations like these require a 30 minute appointment.

We recommend that you arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the drop-in session. You will sign in and be seen by an advisor on a first come first-served basis. Only a limited number of spots are available; if all spots are full you will need to come back during the next scheduled session. Please note that drop-ins are very busy during the first two weeks of registration, just before the start of a semester and during the first two weeks of classes. You are encouraged to arrive early during these busy times.

During busy times we often schedule drop-ins more frequently and can give you this information when you call the Arts Degree Advising Centre at 604-599-3068.

EXTENDED DROP-INs are scheduled for the first week of each new semester & first two weeks of Registration

Next dates for Extended ARTS Advising Drop-Ins are:

LOCATION: Surrey, Arbutus A2110
DATES: 6th-10th May inclusive, afternoon only
TIMES:  1:30pm - 3:45pm

REGULAR DROP-INs are scheduled on Tuesdays 1:30pm-3:45pm: Surrey Campus, Arbutus Bldg. Rm. A2110.
Note:  Tuesday, 4th June 2019 afternoon DROP-INs cancelled due to Convocation.

Where do I go to start looking for information myself?

For information on Degree programs, course descriptions, and prerequisites: KPU University Calendar

To see which courses are being offered this semester, as well as dates and times: KPU University Timetables

Forms and documents for download, including Transfer Credit, Admissions, and Registration: Student Enrolment Services

Browse through Departments, find out about upcoming Event and Information Sessions: KPU Faculty of Arts

What if I still need to upgrade?

Are you a student looking to enroll in an Arts program but need to upgrade?

KPU Academic and Career Advancement can help!

Visit for information about improving your English and for information about upgrading your math, science or writing skills.

How can I contact you?

You can e-mail us at, or call 604-599-3068.