About the Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts is the largest faculty at Kwantlen Polytechnic University with thousands of students studying within our 21 departments and disciplines.  

We currently offer the following program options:

  • 18 Baccalaureate degrees
  • 18 Minors
  • 3 Honours options within your degree
  • 14 Associate of Arts 
  • 5 Diplomas 
  • 5 Certificates

The Faculty of Arts is a perfect place to start whether you know what you want to do or if you don't!  Studying in the Arts allows you to define your own education - try different courses that you wouldn't consider and you just might find something that you're passionate about.  

No matter what degree you decide on, an arts education prepares you for the future.  You will be ready for any job with your skillset and be able to make an impact in an organization or business. You can influence what is possible at KPU, and there are countless possibilities to transform your passion into a career you love.

>> We strive to support all students that learn in different ways. Through the Including All Citizens project, our faculty and students have researched and tried different teaching strategies and techniques to support a wide range of learners. Read more about how some faculty are making our courses more accessible to support all students: Supporting ALL Students.pdf

>> Check out the latest press release on the first students to graduate from this fully inclusive program here

Leadership Team

Email: arts@kpu.ca

Dean's Office: Surrey Campus, Arbutus 2110

Shelley Boyd


Alena Buis

Associate Dean

Dan Lett

Associate Dean, Pro tem

Ed Ko

Associate Dean

Melinda Bige

Associate Dean

Christina Fung

Interm Divisional Business Manager