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Including All Citizens Project

We strive to support all students that learn in different ways. Through the Including All Citizens project, our faculty and students have researched and tried different teaching strategies and techniques to support a wide range of learners. Read more about how some faculty are making our courses more accessible to support all students.

Faculty of Arts Field Schools

Amazon Interdisciplinary Field School
Students visit Colombia's Amazon Rainforest and experience its rich biological and cultural diversity. After a cultural tour of Bogota, students will travel south to the Calanoa Natural Reserve where they will engage in creative activities, trek and canoe into the forest, and learn indigenous knowledge from local guides and shamans. This 6-credit course and field school uses an interdisciplinary approach to explore themes of sustainability, conservation, community development, and indigenous perspectives.

ANTH 3150: Ethnographic Field School (Anthropology)
Students will examine and practice the techniques and ethical conduct of ethnographic research in Cultural Anthropology, building on previous knowledge and experience. They will develop, plan, conduct, and present the results of individual or small group original ethnographic research projects related to an identified theme.  Summer 2018's there was Heart of the City: Situating Homelessness in Whalley/City Centre.

Archaeology Field School (Anthropology)
Field School provides students with modern, useful skills in archaeology and anthropology. The hands-on experience gives KPU students a competitive edge when applying for jobs.

The fieldwork portion of the program is typically 5 weeks in duration, from June-July. In past field schools, fieldwork and camping has taken place in the Fraser Canyon. Future projects may be located in other areas of BC.

Paris & Geneva Design Field School (Fine Arts)
Students travel to Paris, France to explore this dynamic urban environment and immerse yourself in multi-sensory design experiences. Then they travel to Geneva, Switzerland, a world center for diplomacy and the home of many humanitarian organizations.

The affective quality of these global centers will be considered from a design perspective and will focus on the social, political, and ethical impacts of design practice.