Experiential Learning Opportunities

  • Anthropology

    Archaeological Field Studies—Students study and practice the basic techniques of archaeological survey and excavation and learn to examine field techniques such as site survey and mapping; GPS data collection; excavation methodology; analysis of site stratigraphy; and the proper documentation and curation of field data.

  • ARTS

    Inside-Out Prison Exchange—KPU’s Inside Out ARTS course offering takes place within a provincial corrections institution in Surrey, BC with an equal number of incarcerated (inside) students and KPU (outside) students enrolled. Students address issues of violence, alternatives to violence and transformation through an experiential learning process.

    Interdisciplinary Amazon Field School—Students have the incredible opportunity to study during a two-week  period in the Amazon rain forest where they take part in cultural and creative immersion activities, participate in community engagement projects and contextualize their field learning by classroom-based analysis and critical reflection before and after their field experience.

    GLBL 2000: Intercultural Engagement in Practice—GLBL 2000 gives students the opportunity to go on an exchange from the comfort and safety of home. Students will participate in a month-long virtual exchange with the Universidad of Monterrey in Mexico while also developing a commitment to inclusion, participation and cooperation with diverse audiences.

  • Counselling

    The Reflective Practitioner—Students take on the role of a counsellor in this service learning course that combines reflective practice models with theory. They will consider professional issues in dealing with challenging clients, power struggles and boundaries while bearing in mind occupational challenges associated with the helping profession and personal needs for self-care.

  • English

    Mise-en- scène—KPU’s Journal of Film & Visual Narration endeavours to promote and advance the study of film as an interdisciplinary, cross-cultural art form grounded in the visual narrative. The peer-reviewed publication gives students a space for their voices to be heard while providing the opportunity to have their work published prior to, and after, graduation. 

  • Fine Arts

    Art Gallery—KPU’s Fine Arts department exhibits student artwork year-round and presents shows by Canadian and International contemporary artists across its Surrey campus. Currently, in collaboration with Ocean Wise, students have created sculptures that serve as habitats for rockfish in an ongoing research project in Porteau Cove, BC.

  • Geography

    GEO-Tours—An annual guided bus tour students partake in that explores the dynamic human and physical geography of the Lower Mainland while taking a look at how the physical environment facilitates and constrains the economic and social development of BC.

  • Journalism

    Work Experience—Using the knowledge and skills acquired from their Journalism curriculum, students work as journalists in one or more media businesses or organizations and further their investigative and storytelling skills through news writing and reporting, conducting interviews, covering news events and analyzing source documents.

  • Language & Cultures

    Field Schools—The department of Language and Cultures offers students the opportunity to study abroad and immerse themselves in the culture they’re learning about. This hands-on learning approach allows students to visit historical sites and major tourist attractions while earning credit towards their degree.

  • Music

    Borealis String Quartet-In-Residence & KPU—Students in KPU’s music department have the unique opportunity to learn and play, alongside the Borealis String Quartet, a critically acclaimed ensemble that has partnered with the university since 2004 to bring new and exciting programs to its students.

  • NGO & Nonprofit Studies

    Think Global, Link Global 2020—Students in the Ngo & Nonprofit Studies certificate program help plan and organize the annual networking event for the Vancouver branch of the United Nations of Canada that connects undergraduates and recent graduates with local non-governmental, non-profit, civil society, and public service organizations and institutions from the Greater Vancouver Area.

  • Policy Studies

    City Lab—An innovative partnership between the City of Surrey, SFU and KPU that enables students to co-create solutions with the community to make the City of Surrey more livable, sustainable and engaged. In CityLab, the community becomes the classroom where assignments are hands-on, real world projects that explore the city of Surrey, and design ways to make the community a better place to live.

  • Psychology

    Research Labs—Interested Psychology students have the opportunity to take part in a variety of research labs on an ongoing basis at KPU where they conduct research studies of their own, compile data and present their findings. Areas of interested include: lifespan cognition, sexuality, issues in media, adversity and gender, and mindfulness and development.

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