Meet our Advisors

Naomi Ben-YehudaNaomi Ben-Yehuda

My name is Naomi; I've lived in Richmond since the fall of 2010. My mother's family came to the United States in the early 1900's (3 generations past) and on my father's side I'm a first generation American. I've been an Arts Degree Advisor since before there was a Faculty of Arts! I enjoy helping students understand how their bachelor's degree can come together to include their chosen major(s), minor(s), and electives. I have a Master of Science degree in counselling psychology and a Bachelor of Science degree in pyschology with a minor in communication studies. I've worked the weekend graveyard shift on a crisis hotline, did my graduate practicum in a career counselling centre, and have been academic advising since 2001. Students come to us with their personal lives influencing their career goals, which inform their academic choices, so I try to look at each individual holistically, in order to help them reach their goals. 

Geraldine Wee Profile PictureGeraldine Wee

Geraldine (Gerri) has been with KPU since 1999 as part of the inaugural intake of Journalism degree students.  She has many years of experience as a Degree Advisor with WSD (Wilson School of Design) and FSH (Faculty of Science & Horticulture), and is now ready to take on your Arts degree questions! She has also worked as an Admissions Officer, an ESL peer tutor and anything and everything that's student-centered at KPU. As a five year old, Gerri dreamed of travelling the world for the rest of her life– now she gets to help student from all over the world with their dreams! (A pretty close match in our opinion!)

What interests Gerri most about her new role as an Arts Degree Advisor is the wide range of disciplines and departments that exist within the Faculty, making each student consultation unique. She is excited to surround herself with the energy of Arts students, faculty and staff as we all learn from each other. If you do get to meet Gerri, don't be surprised by her foodie knowledge or fast reading skills. We are so glad to have you here Gerri!

Robin CurryRobin Curry

I have been a part of KPU for over 10 years both as a student and employee. I have experience working at the KPU Bookstore, Graduation Office, and the Faculty of Arts. At KPU, I have completed a Bachelor of Arts, Major in Anthropology with a Minor in Sociology degree and an Associate of Arts Degree in Psychology. I recently completed my Master of Counselling Psychology degree and I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC). I currently work as a part-time Arts Degree Advisor at KPU.  

I use my experiences at KPU to relate to students and help advise them on their academic goals. I enjoy working with students and providing them with guidance and support.

Domenik Profile PictureDomenik Adamoski

Domenik has been with KPU since 2022, with his last role as a Writer/Multimedia Storyteller in the Marketing Services department. He loves to problem solve and see others thrive when the right solution comes together. As an Arts Degree Advisor does that every single day, Domenik is excited to work with students, see their potential and help them seize it.

"Hard work pays off. Challenges will always happen, but doing your best to stay committed and put in the work will lead to success." This is the some of the best advice Domenik has received and he applies it both to his life and work as he is looking forward to helping KPU Arts students attain their goals with this same guidance. 

Ankita VermaAnkitaVerma

I have been with KPU since 2020. I have experience working with the International Department, different areas of Faculty of Arts and Office of Provost and VP Academic as Prior Learning Specialist. I completed my Bachelor in Nutrition and Dietetics and Masters in Food and Nutrition.

I use student-centered approach, ensuring that every student receives personalized guidance to meet their academic and career goals. I love to encourage students to explore their passions, strive for academic excellence, and make a positive impact on others.

Outside my Advising role, I love cooking and love to incorporate healthy ingredients in everyday cooking.