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Meet our Advisors

Naomi Ben-YehudaNaomi Ben-Yehuda

I have a Masters in counselling psychology and an undergrad degree in psychology with a minor in communications. I have experience working on a crisis hotline, career counselling, and academic advising. I like to advise students from a holistic viewpoint: students come to us with their personal lives influencing their career goals, which inform their academic choices. I enjoy one-on-one meetings as well as group presentations and interactions, and have found a strength in organizing information in a useful, succinct, clear manner as with our bachelor's degree Program Planning Guides, and in helping with editing the official calendar for the Faculty of Arts.

Christina FungChristina Fung

I have been a part of KPU for over 10 years in a variety of administrative roles in the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Academic & Career Preparation, Assessment & Testing services, and Central Advising.

As a KPU School of Business Alumni with a BBA in Marketing Management, I have gone through all the processes and experiences. My goal is to provide a student perspective to help advise  students on their academic and career goals.  I enjoy the collaborative styles of finding solutions and sharing information.

Robin CurryRobin Curry

I have been a part of KPU for over 10 years both as a student and employee. I have experience working at the KPU Bookstore, Graduation Office, and the Faculty of Arts over the years. At KPU, I have completed my Bachelor of Arts, Major in Anthropology with a Minor in Sociology. Currently, I am enrolled in a Masters of Counselling Psychology program and work as a part-time Arts Degree Advisor at KPU.  

I use my experiences at KPU to relate to students and help advise them on their academic goals. I enjoy working with students and providing them with guidance and support.

Gerri WeeGerri Wee

Having been part of the KPU landscape since 1999, I started my KPU adventure as a student, joining the Arts alumni with a Bachelor of Journalism and continuing on as a KPU employee. My professional and personal goal is to assist students in achieving their academic and life aspirations. I listen to and work with students as they navigate through their university journey in program planning and understanding university processes, steering towards their final destination: graduation.