Education Assistant Program



If you enjoy working with children and teens; if you enjoy working as a team member; and if you enjoy working in the dynamic, challenging, and creative setting of schools, then the work of an education assistant may be for you! The days are filled with challenges, the joys of learning, and the assisting of others to achieve their individual goals.

Education Assistants are important members of the educational team, supporting students with special and diverse learning needs from kindergarten through Grade 12 in BC schools. Under the direction of professional staff, education assistants provide personal care, behavioural and learning support. Education assistants also facilitate inclusion, communication, and social interaction. The work of education assistants is increasingly complex and requires flexibility and the ability to think on one's feet. Above all, it is extremely rewarding.

There is a high demand for education assistants, and EDAS graduates are employed by all of the school districts in the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley and beyond. Education assistants work in both elementary and secondary schools in a variety of settings, including regular classrooms, resource rooms, work experience sites, and life-skills training. Education assistants often start on-call in the school districts and then apply to both full and part-time positions. For those looking to continue their careers, graduates from the EDAS program are able to use their credits towards BA programs within KPU.