"When I took the program, I wasn’t really sure how this whole process would work, whether I would continue in the career, or go on a different root with my education. Turns out, it was of the milestone in my life that would push me on a path of finishing my BA in Psychology and applying for PDP at SFU. [The faculty]  that taught my class, have given me so much inspiration to not only learn how to advocate for others, but to also learn how to advocate for myself. I have developed a love for teaching kids, building a relationships with them, allowing my teaching practices to reflect my students needs, and have gained skills to be able to practice many different techniques and practices. All the skills and practices I learned from you have not only helped me to demonstrate how to encourage my students to look past their limitation and strive for success beyond their imagination, but have also shown me what I am capable of. 

I am currently in my last semester of my BA and waiting super patiently for a response from SFU. This would not have been possible without the spark to the beginning of a passion. A passion that I developed during the program from learning from all of you."

- Erin Relland

"Comprehensive program that gently pushes students to expand their understanding and knowledge of the current school and community philosophies. Absolutely prepares students to enter the profession prepared and full of 'tools'."

- Christy de Bulnes

"Taking the SETA program has changed me forever. The professors have given me confidence that I never knew I had, they taught me that I was worth working hard for and they helped me to find the best in myself. The SETA program at KPU taught me that it's ok to be different and that every person has something to give. Being able to complete this program in a classroom with others gave me the ability to get help from others as well as give to those who needed it. The peers that I met at Kwantlen will continue to be a part of my life and we will continue to support each other now that we are in the workforce. KPU is recognized by the school districts and because of that they come to Kwantlen to recruit employees allowing us to become employed days after completing the program."

- Jodi Buchan

"I have a son with special needs and therefore I initially went into the SETA program with the one goal of becoming an educational assistant so that I could gain insight on what his school life would look like.

Two years later, I not only left with the knowledge, experience and confidence that gave me a strong foundation to build on but in addition, I gained valuable friendships, lasting memories and a better understanding of my son and his needs. I am proud to be a SETA graduate and I am honoured to be an educational assistant; supporting extraordinary students who teach me special things everyday."

- Lisa Sugihara

"As an EDAS student, I had expectations to attain skills to become a T.A. What I found is that the program offered much more than that. In Child and Adolescent Development, I learned tolerance, empathy, and the amazing gift of the stages of growth. In children with challenging behaviours, I learned patience, creativity and the art of communication. In Diversity, I learned a whole new way of understanding a world of learners. In Interpersonal Communications, I learned how to become a better me and listen, really listen. In Curriculum, I learned how to make everything I’ve learned come together to make me the best supporter to children with special needs that I can be.

I would encourage anyone that wants to understand themselves and children a little bit better to consider the EDAS Program at KPU. One year can make a world of difference!"

- Tami Hellinger