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Calling all Surrey Schools Education Assistants!

Do you love your work?  Do you want to take your involvement in the classroom to another level and become a teacher?  We’ve made it easy for you to take the next step! 

Contact us so we can help:

  • Plan a program that meets your educational needs
  • Establish realistic timelines for completing your Bachelor of Arts degree

Make an appointment today and begin your path to becoming a teacher through KPU!

If you have attended KPU and have a student number, make an appointment with an Arts Degree Advisor here.

If you are brand new to KPU and do not have a student number, make an appointment with our Future Students' Office to get started here.

*What are the employment opportunities available once completing the program?

Upon graduation, Education Assistants find employment in elementary and secondary schools in B.C. as Education Assistants supporting students with diverse learning, behavioural, and personal care needs. The role of an Education Assistant is an important one in supporting the inclusion of children with disabilities in their schools.